How to Get My Manhood Back

Even the best of us falter at time, but what matters is how we bounce back from our low point. Becoming anti-fragile is a new take on an old concept my father drilled into my head: overcoming adversity. In fact, many of the strongest men are so strong because of their determination to bounce back from adverse situations such as divorce, losing a job or failure. This is how to get your manhood back.

The good news is that you can reclaim your manhood and even become stronger through the challenges you’ve faced.

So many young men are lost, adrift at sea in a society that feels foreign to them. They turn to vice and video games living sad lives of quiet desperation.

These men need a purpose. These men need a mission. These men need to ignore the loud minority of voices raving about so-called “toxic masculinity.” The reason there is a crisis of masculinity in this country is obvious. The reason why young men are struggling with suicide and living a decent life is because we have built a society that simultaneously depends on men while constantly bashing them for who they are.

These men need to stop focusing on their frustrations and anger at the media who demonizes them and focus on the positive aspects of this life. A true paradigm shift is possible for you and if you allow these shifts in mindset, you can change your world.


So how do you get back on the right path?

Hit the gym is your first priority. Do you hate the gym? That’s ok. “Hit the gym” is a stand in for find an active hobby. You could start biking or kayaking or even playing pickle ball. (I swear it’s a real sport!) You need three hobbies, and this is the most important of the three.

The gym does more than hone the body. It builds self-esteem, presence and a mindset that you were born to crush your obstacles. Reclaim your manhood! It creates endorphins that boost your mood and happiness. After the initial struggle of getting back in shape, it becomes a healthy addiction that will make you feel great.

If you don’t find a way to increase your strength, then you are weak. The world may tell you that strength is not necessary to become a man, but I am here to tell you that it is a lie. Women are biologically hardwired to be attracted to strength. And men respect fellow men who are capable of protecting the tribe.

If you find your girl slowly losing interest in you and touching you less, then “hit the gym.” Getting back in shape is a surefire way to rekindle the flame. Watch your girl, or another girl swoon and caress your bigger muscles. But it’s more than simply a biological imperative. As you get stronger you will become more comfortable in your body and more confident as a result. It is this that is the most attractive to women.

·        Stop saying what you can’t do and start talking about what you can do!

·        You can’t run a mile? Run a half mile or walk a mile.

·        You can’t make it to the gym? Workout at home?

·        No time to read? Turn off the TV and make time.

·        You can’t do 50 pushups? Do 10. Do 1. You CAN do something!


Sharpen your mind as you harden your body.

Find a creative outlet like writing that can help explore your emotions, your path and build a routine.

My life really began to improve when I started writing.

Writing is a healthy outlet for emotions than drowning your sorrows in the bottom of a bottle or mindless escapism through the mass media. Upon sobering up, you’ll find your problems are still there, except now you also have a headache.

Writing is a surefire way to understand your own personal journey through reflection and contemplation. If you have trouble coming up with things to write then check out this post on Why You Should Write Every Day.

The great Marcus Aurelius used this daily habit to rule The Roman Empire. Check out his book The Meditations here on Amazon if you want to read the timeless advice of a Roman Emperor. If it worked for him, then surely it can help you with your own struggles.

You struggle on your off days or when you aren’t feeling yourself. By writing down what works for you on good days, you can consult a list of tried and true methods to minimize the negative effects of these days. This is the power of writing. It lifts you up when you feel down. It reinvigorates you when you’re lacking energy. It illustrates the path you need to take to move forward.

Most people give up on new habits too quickly. Running is hard for many in the beginning. Weights are brutal for the uninitiated. Writing can be tough with a blank page. With practice and time, all these habits can become natural. You must stick with it though if you expect to see results.

The secret to unlocking your true potential is to consistently stack up little wins and make small improvements each day. Do this for a long enough timeline, and you will see remarkable results. Your old friends won’t even recognize the new you. And they’ll be jealous of the momentous strides you have made.



I’ve got a simple three step formula here for you to remember easily.

1. Get yourself in shape so you will gain the confidence to live in the real world.

2. Start writing until you have found purpose in life.

3. Keep writing so you can maintain direction and sanity.


If this inspires you, be sure to check out my book which explained how I went from overweight, in debt and unhappy to strong and lean, building my own side income and rebuilding myself. You too can Reclaim Your Manhood!


And feel free to share this with anyone you know who might need to hear these words. Men are proud creatures. We don’t like to admit when we feel weak. We have been trained all our lives to be tough, silent and stoic, even when we need to ask for help.