20 Ways To Reclaim Your Manhood

By Ryan Felman


1. Hit the Gym - this affects other peoples immediate perception of you,  your self-esteem, and your capabilities. Do not underestimate! I use this treadmill for my morning runs.

2. Dress well. Lose the jerseys with other dude's names on them, sandals  and crocs. Stick to timeless pieces that fit well. Follow @tannerguzy and @WellBuiltStyle on Twitter for professional advice. 

3. Be assertive. Stand up straight. Look people in the eye. Speak confidently and slowly. Make your words meaningful and people will  listen. 

4. Choose your friends wisely. Get rid of toxic losers who obsess over drinking and drugs. They're holding you back. Find friends who share positive hobbies with you such as biking or a sport. Find people who have drive. 

5. Turn off the video games - You say you have no time to get in shape, or cook a good meal, but you level up your dumb avatar in a virtual world. Join the real world and level up your life. It will mean more in the long run and ultimately be more fulfilling. 


6. Eat real food - No energy? Overweight? Unhealthy? Change your diet and change your life. Eat natural food like meat, veggies and nuts. Throw out the processed garbage. #NoSoy 

7. Have some self-respect - Stop drooling over instathots and literal whores online parading as ahem "models." Stop paying to see online girls and go out in the real world. Chase your goals, not girls. 

8. Stay away from BPD (Borderline Personality Disorder). Anthony Bourdain lost his life and I almost ruined mine with a BPD girl. They manipulate you into thinking that you are the crazy one. You can't fix her so don't even try. 

9. Stop being stingy - Tip well. Dress well. Eat well. Drink well. Buy better and buy less. Quality over quantity. Become a connoisseur, not a mindless consumer. 

10. Stop buying Starbucks Milkshakes. They are fat, soyfilled, diabetes factories. I just saved you $5 a day. More importantly, I save you 500+ calories a day! You say you love coffee, but your palette says you love sugar.

11. Be resilient - A man is tough and can take the punches this life  gives. Failure is just a learning opportunity on the way to a life of  excellence. Show me a man that never fails, and I'll show you a man that never pushes the envelope. 

12. Jobs aren't hard - Show up on time. Don't do drugs and be positive in your attitude and manner of speaking. People enjoy positive mindsets and want to be around them more often. Do this and it will put you in the top third of the workforce. 

13. Stop watching porn - It is a waste of time and its fucking up your mind. It gives you a false sense of accomplishment. Make yourself a better man and go out in the real world to find a real woman. 

14. Start writing. It is a great habit to learn more about yourself and to delve deep into your psyche. It will keep you sane.

15. Goals - Write them down. Check them periodically. Stick with them and write down how you will accomplish them. 

16. Read books - Too many people waste time with Netflix and video  games. Reading books will make you more interesting and expand your vocabulary as well as your knowledge. This will also help with your writing.


17. Meditate. It clears your head and opens your mind. If you think it sounds silly, just try it. 5 minutes a day can completely change your life!

18. No gossip! - You're not Samantha from Sex and the City. Don't do it. Don't engage others who gossip. Find something more meaningful to talk about. 

19. Stay off your phone when eating a meal with others. Next girls who can't abide by this. Enjoy the meal and your company. 

20. Challenge yourself - What can't you do? Build up to it. Run farther.  Lift heavier. Write longer. Push yourself past your limits. Reclaim your manhood!


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