The Lack of Good Manliness Websites

I felt completely lost when I graduated college and entered the real world. I couldn’t find many meaningful resources to help me figure out how to live the best life. Years later, I’ve taken what I’ve learned and created the Path to Manliness website in response to this void.

You likely found my website because you have faced the same issues. You’re tired of being lied to by the media and school. You know or are learning that all you were taught about nutrition was a lie. That all you know about relationships was bad advice. Men’s magazines like GQ and Esquire push a feminized agenda and have long since abandoned anything that could resemble traditional masculinity.

With a lack of proper resources, I spent much of my twenties pursuing a standard, but good, life. I worked hard at my 9-5, went to the gym, played video games and hit on girls at the bars. My life had no true meaning. I had no true purpose. This is that emptiness that hits you right in your soul. This is what drives you into the escapism of video games and the mind-numbing drugs and alcohol you consume every weekend.

You know there’s more to life, but you’re lost on where to find it.

This is the modern man’s handbook to leveling up your life!   Learn how to be more confident  Discover what is holding you back  Unlock the secret to developing better habits

This is the modern man’s handbook to leveling up your life!

Learn how to be more confident

Discover what is holding you back

Unlock the secret to developing better habits

Like most men, I slowly began to look older. I was packing on a few pounds a year, going bald and losing track of all the friends I made in high school and college. We made efforts to see each other but some get married, most move away and all are getting busier with their jobs and new lives. Too many young men waste so much time striving for the glory days of the past. SPOILER ALERT: Those times aren’t coming back.


So how do you move on from this?

Stop getting fat for one! This is affecting your health, your mood and other’s perception of you. If you can get this under control, the rest of your life will begin to take shape. If you can’t, all areas of your life will suffer. Getting your health under control is priority number 1! And you can do it.

Stop drinking your calories. Do you put sugar and cream in your coffee? Do you drink soda? Do you drink 19 beers every weekend? You can’t outrun a bad diet and most Americans are guzzling in calories with their drinks. There’s a hot new drink that will help you lose weight. It has zero calories, no additives and will help you look and feel healthier. It’s called water. Drink it, every day, all day.

Intermittent fasting. Do this at least once a week, but many will do this 16 hours a day. Start with one day and work up from there. This will show significant results. But your friends and family will tell you how unhealthy it is as they drink their 600 calorie Starbucks milkshake and eat fast food for lunch.

You need a hobby that keeps you active. When you have a reason to stay in shape, you’re more likely to consistently find time for your workouts. At 23, a friend convinced me to buy a kayak and we spent just about every single Summer Saturday out kayaking. This is not only a great workout, but one of the most peaceful ways to start your Saturday. Now I run Spartan Races and 5Ks, Half-Marathons and this can be a nice replacement to the sports you no longer play. A man needs competitive events to help push himself.

If you’re going bald, my advice is to own it. You can spend years denying it, wearing hats and trying hair regrowth products. If I wanted to sell you nonsense, I could play into your insecurities and offer something. Or you could own it and shave it off or keep it low and tight. Consider growing a beard or some scruff to help balance out your face. This works really well if you manage to take my previous advice and get yourself in shape. The Rock, Jason Statham and many other men have embraced this look and you can too.

Quit obsessing over girls. Focus on your health, your mission and your hobbies. When the time is right the awesome lifestyle you live will attract women to you. Trust me, there really isn’t much competition if you are willing to better yourself. You have more time than you realize. If you’re a man there is no reason to panic about finding a girl and settling down.

This shouldn’t need to be said, but bars are terrible places to meet girls. Bars are for drinking, hanging out with your buddies and watching sports. This is also a massive waste of time and money. Now I’m not saying don’t ever go, but don’t let your standard weekend activity consist of binge drinking Friday night and nursing a hangover on Saturday.

If your weekend is a drunken blur, you are sleepwalking through life. I’m so much happier for no longer living like this. Full sobriety or moderation is up to you but recognize all the ways alcohol is holding you back.

Mindless consumption is a trap that many young men find themselves falling into, but you don’t need to. You likely waste a lot of time in a frustrating and monotonous commute to your job every day. You have a choice. You can either waste this time in anger and mindlessly listen to music. Or you can learn through audiobooks like this great one by Scott Adams, or through podcasts.

Which podcasts should you listen to? My favorite podcast is the Joe Rogan Experience because of the quality and diversity of his guests. They range from comedians to astrophysicists to entrepreneurs. This podcast planted the seeds in my mind to create this website and my own podcast where I discuss topics of masculinity, self-improvement and online marketing. You can listen to my podcast here.

My life really began to improve when I started writing. Why should you start writing? Because your life is chaotic and unorganized. You don’t know what you want out of life, and if you do, you don’t know specifically how you will accomplish it. By writing you can organize your thoughts and track your progress. Writing can help you manage your emotions in a healthy manner. Writing can help you track progress and isolate what it is that’s helping you and what is holding you back.

If you are ready to start writing, but don’t know where to start you aren’t alone. I didn’t know how to start either, but I’ve learned plenty of tips and tricks to make it a daily habit. I consistently write over 1,000 words a day and have made a living out of it. If you need help getting started and want over 100 journal prompts, check out this book: The Path to Journaling.

Every morning, or the night before, get in the habit of writing. At the bare minimum you should write down 3 tasks that you plan to achieve that day. Then under that, write down the steps necessary to accomplish these tasks. Do this everyday and you’ll see massive gains in time.

Create something meaningful. Most people in your life will tell you to play it safe and avoid risk. They’ll say its better to stick all your cash in a savings account (and lose it through inflation) than learn about the stock market, dabble in Bitcoin and hedge against inflation with silver and gold.

If you ask older people for business advice, they’ll tell you to work hard, be loyal and put in your time. This will give you a 40-50 year career in a stable job with a nice 401k, an average house, a Toyota Camry and 2.3 kids. Or…

If you ask me what you should do if you want more out of life, I’ll tell you to start your own business. At the very least create your own side hustle. You can learn about affiliate marketing. You can write your own eBooks. You can create your own website and start blogging. At the very least you should start an email list. It’s free and I can teach you how to create and build your own email list and even make money. If you want to diversify your revenue stream, then you need to learn how I make hundreds of dollars every week.

Everyone should own at least one website. If you genuinely want to start a website but don’t know how to start, I can help you. Send me a direct message on Twitter.

Surround yourself with the brightest and most successful people in the world for free. How can you do this: Twitter. You may think social media is a waste of time but that’s outdated boomer talk. The world is changing, and most people spend an enormous amount of time on Twitter. It’s up to you whether you become another mindless consumer of social media or a creator who helps lift people up and makes money while doing it. Follow me @PathToManliness


You can change your life. And I can help you. In 2017 I was fighting a divorce, overweight, and had $30,000 in credit card debt. I was unhappy and completely lost. Today I have a loving family, I’ve lost 35 pounds, eliminated all my credit card debt, conquered a Spartan Race wrote 3 books and built this website.

If you want to turn your life around, check out my book Reclaim Your Manhood, available on Amazon.