Why Should You Write Every Day?


Many of the world’s greatest thinkers, creators, and innovators who kept a Journal:

  • Thomas Edison     

  • Mark Twain

  • Leonardo da Vinci 

  • Albert Einstein

  • Marco Polo             

  • Alexis de Tocqueville

  • Charles Darwin         

  • George S. Patton

  • Lewis and Clark    

  • Thomas Jefferson

  • Seneca            

  • Ludwig van Beethoven

  • Marcus Aurelius        

  • Ernest Hemingway

  • Ralph Waldo Emerson    

  • Benjamin Franklin

  • Henry David Thoreau    

  • Isaac Newton


There is so much power in the habit of writing, but most people downplay this because they struggle to write. Anyone can write, just like anyone can go to the gym, learn to ride a bike or ask out that pretty girl, or boy. (Hey! Boys can be pretty too!) The trick to learning to write, like riding a bicycle, is practice. Which is why you need to start writing every day. And if you need a reco on a journal, I own several of these here.

Write 500 words a day, and you will become a better writer.

If you tweet, you can write. Tweet a solid thread and you have the bare bones structure of a blog post. That blog post could turn into a chapter for your upcoming book. Take your best blog posts and put them together in a cohesive flow and you have the makings of your first book.

This is how my first book came to be. But it all started with the habit of writing. There is a reason why “writing” is a chapter in my book, and a very important one.

Writing has given my life a purpose and direction.

So, what are some of the benefits to writing?

  • Writing can help you get more organized with your day

  • Writing can help you conquer your goals in a systematic manner

  • Writing is a powerful tool to help you sell products

  • Writing can save your sanity

  • Writing can teach you who you truly are

  • Writing can help you better communicate the powerful thoughts you have to share


Every morning, or the night before, get in the habit of writing. At the bare minimum you should write down 3 tasks that you plan to achieve that day. Then under that, write down the steps necessary to accomplish these tasks.

And last but most importantly, write down your motivation to get these tasks done. Will they lead to a more meaningful goal? Offer peace of mind? Whatever your reasons, make them very clear to remind yourself why you’re working so hard and diligently.


Action Point: Writing Prompts

  • What are your biggest problems you are facing right now?

  • What daily tasks can you do today to conquer these problems?

  • Make a list of these daily tasks and consult them every day. Be sure to knock out a couple of these daily.


“If you want to change the world, pick up your pen and write.”

-      Martin Luther

For great tips on how you can start writing, including over 100 journal prompts, CLICK HERE!