How Can You Be A Positive Male Role Model


Society has attacked manliness in nearly all venues of life. Now we have a society filled with confused men who don't know what it means to be men. We have broken the nuclear family and caused a generation to be raised without a positive male role model in the house.


Here is how you can push back against the war on masculinity.

The number one way you can shape the future of masculinity is to get out in the real world and show the young generation a positive image. So, put down the Xbox controller, take a break from the online forums and go out into the real world and interact with real people.

One of the best places is by coaching or assisting with young men or boys. This can be done with sports, boy scouts or volunteering with at risk youth. You can leave a powerful impression and help shape the future. Think back to your youth. How many coaches left a positive impact on your life? How many life lessons did they teach you?

Show people IRL how they can reclaim their manhood.

Fuck the APA and fuck Gillette. If you’re that concerned about an advertisement for a fucking razor with 7 blades and a bunch of weakass psychologists, then you need to look inward. Men are meant to be resilient. Men are meant to rise above petty adversity. This is only going to make you stronger.

Real men are not having their perspectives of masculinity formed by Proctor & Gamble commercials. Think about this. Who did you look up to when you were growing up? Rambo? Rocky? He-Man? I am pretty damn sure it wasn’t the guy on the shampoo commercial or the doosh wearing Axe body spray.

You know who shaped my image of masculinity growing up? My brother. My father. And a couple of great teachers. Athletes like Brian Urlacher and Michael Jordan. My karate instructor who was so badass he’d be too over-the-top for a movie. This guy was a black belt who flew F-16s in Desert Storm and then flew a C-130 Hercules. That’s a real role model for positive masculinity.

I get the frustration and concern with the media and goofy dads on TV sitcoms. And if you want to boycott Gillette, go for it. But one problem I have with modern society is the desire to attack the negative image and constantly play defense. How about a halftime adjustment? Instead of constantly responding to the content the media chooses for us, let’s get ahead a step.

“If you don’t like what’s being said, change the conversation.” – Don Draper

The core issue men seemed concerned with is the image of masculinity for the future men. In other words, how to make sure young men and boys grow up with a positive view of masculinity and a positive self-image. My answer: Get involved.

Go out and find a way to improve your community’s image of masculinity. I assist with the local martial arts studio and believe it or not, there’s a shortage of men. This is the same issue as schools where women are dominated in the authoritarian roles. Shape the future of mankind and leave your mark on this world.

Men need to get out in the real world and help influence the next generation or the future of numales and gender dysmorphia will continue.

You want to take a stand, then let’s start by getting real boots on the ground and fixing the course of the current culture. Find a way you can become a part in shaping the youth of your community. Be the positive role model they need you to be.

This will require you step up your personal game though. This may require you to get back in shape, to dress better and to act assertive and confident. Read my concise book Reclaim Your Manhood for a guide to being a positive role model for young men. Young men are begging for positive male role models.

You say you have no time to get in shape, or cook a good meal, but you level up your dumb avatar in a virtual world.

You need to be honest with yourself here. There are a few touchy subjects that people will defend like addicts. Gaming is certainly one of them.

Do you spend all day at work staring at a screen only to come home and again, stare at a screen? Health aside, is this really the lifestyle that you want? Take that energy you put into gaming and focus it towards real world grinding.

Video games reward your brain with a false sense of accomplishment. But at the end of the day, it’s a shallow and ultimately meaningless accomplishment. It has no real impact on the world.

It is never too late to change your life. What can you do today to improve yourself? Be persistent and militant with this change and you won't recognize yourself in one year's time.

Instead of mindlessly playing games all night and all weekend, get active. Go hiking. Get yourself in shape. And while you’re doing all of this, get your kids involved. Or volunteer to help kids in your community.

The greatest problem facing modern society is the lack of positive male role models in young men. This is the reason for the rise of Jordan Peterson. Many young men clearly see him as a father figure. And when advice like “Make your bed” is considered profound, then many of these kids had a void in their life that he has helped fill.

You too can help young men and boys. You have gained great wisdom and knowledge through your years. Help share what you know. And in our corner of the internet, we often forget that most of us are well ahead of the average person who spends most of their time playing video games and eating Doritos. Simply showing a better path can make a huge impact.

Save the future of masculinity.

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