10 Proven Tips on How to Grow Your Twitter Following

Unlock the Insider Secrets to Monetizing Twitter!

Unlock the Insider Secrets to Monetizing Twitter!

1. If You Want to Be the Best, Then You Have to Be Consistently Great


If you want to grow your Twitter following, then you need to be tweeting every day, preferably several times each day. A.J.A. Cortes, the man with four names, tweets out 100 times a day according to him. I’m pretty sure he’s exaggerating but more tweets equal more exposure. And he is using psychology here by using an easy to remember round number. Which is why I will tell you I have 8,000 followers instead of 8,125. Round numbers are easier to remember. Follow these tips and you’ll see growth.


I read that the typical life cycle of a tweet is about 18 minutes.1 Now you’ll see engagement past those initial 18 minutes of fame, but the bulk of it comes there.


Bottom line: if you tweet too rapidly, you will be cannibalizing your own tweets. That being said, the wise man knows how to break the rules.


The problem most people have is maintaining a level of quality at this volume. Find a level that suits you. Now if you have likely noticed, one way of maintaining a consistent tweet schedule, is to use a tool such as buffer.com. This will allow you to schedule up to 10 tweets for free. This is especially useful if you will be spending a day or more away from your phone or computer. Be sure to use a buffer, and not a fluffer.


2. Always Judge A Book by Its Cover


Your parents lied to you. Your teachers lied to you. This world is full of people who want to protect your feelings. To say “Don’t judge a book by its cover” is terrible advice. Especially in sales, when it is literally the first thing that people see.


You must have a decent picture up for your profile. This may seem basic, yet many have not done this yet or have a bad picture up.


Fuck your feelings, but if you go out dressed like a slob all the time, you have no idea how much you are holding yourself back. The same is true with your online persona so dress it up well. Always look your best as you never know who you’ll meet. And people will judge your appearance. Get over it.



3. Capture Their Attention with a Great Bio!


This one is huge, and few people can come up with anything decent here.


The biggest mistake I see is people write something for themselves, not their potential followers. Imagine you are stumbling upon some up and coming yahoo and he’s blabbing about his favorite sports team or other generic labels that describe himself. Does that inspire you to follow the account? Of course not.


It doesn’t inform you of the value offered to you, so you move on with your day. Focus on writing what you can offer to your followers and they’ll be enticed to click that “FOLLOW” button. Consider what value do you bring to their timeline?


Your bio is where people get the first impression of what your account is about. Be funny or throw some buzzwords up there. Emphasize your niche.


Click here for the 3 Steps to an Excellent Profile Bio


4. How You Can Get in Front of New Audiences


You probably find yourself frustrated by the low number of engagements your tweets are getting and feel like no one is listening to you. I understand as I had that issue for a short time when I first started out. It creates a bit of desperation where you’ll beg and use gimmicks to get RTs. Even resorting to hashtags that rarely help.


When you first start out you have so few followers, it can be difficult to get noticed. Find people who have decent followers and comment on their tweets. This can "borrow" their audience and get more likes. Now, you’ll get buried if you are replying to Scott Adams or Joe Rogan who receive hundreds of comments on each post.


Instead, do this with accounts that are bigger than yours, but not monstrous celebrity accounts. It’s about finding the right balance. The right sized account can help expand your audience and you can give them a boost to their ego.


“I used her, she used me and neither one cared. We were getting our share.” - Bob Seger


For more on why you aren’t selling enough, click here.


5. Forge Relationships with People Who Interact with You


It’s called Social Media for a reason. BE SOCIAL.


When people like or retweet your comments consistently, take notice. These are the makings of your best fans. You only need 1,000 true fans. If they like that comment, they will like other tweets you share. They will also likely subscribe to your email list and buy your products. So be sure to engage with them when you can.


You will eventually notice certain people replying to you more often. Be sure to reply to them if they are offering up interesting thoughts. This serves two purposes. One it allows you to further the discussion you started, and two it allows the other person to feel a connection with you, and you with them.


You’ll learn as your account grows, that there are more important things to worry about than metrics like follower counts. A massive follower count is not a guarantee of income. You must know how to leverage your audience to make money. Forging relationships and having intellectual discussions are among the most important things you can do on Twitter.



6. What Content to Offer?


You need to clearly state your purpose. I offer writing/editing advice as well as commentary on the state of masculinity on my website www.pathtomanliness.com. I offer guidance for young men seeking a better life. I help people learn how to write and how they can improve their writing.


I have a core demographic or niche that brings me repeat visitors. And I’m rapidly growing on all fronts. In only 8 days, I had my best month ever for website views this January.


You have something that you can share, be it wisdom, guidance or expertise. Be sure to share glimpses of it on your Twitter account but leave the more in-depth content on your own site, podcast or YouTube channel.


Also offer FREE content. People love free stuff, and more importantly, this gives them a chance to get to know you. I offer an email newsletter and so do many others. If you sign up for it, you receive the workout plan that I used every morning last year that helped me lose 25 pounds. You also get my new eBook because I’m such an awesome guy.


There are dozens of reasons why a newsletter is popular.


·       It allows you to connect with your most loyal followers

·       It allows you to sell or promote products to them

·       You are sure your message will make it to your subscribers

·       People are always reading emails when they get bored at work

·       It also allows you to communicate with your core group if you get suspended or banned from Twitter. It happens… I was suspended for 12 hours once for a very innocent tweet.


What free content should you offer? Find out more ideas in The Path to Twitter Dominance


7. Hook New Followers with an Excellent Pinned Tweet


This is a big one that you are probably not doing in an effective manner.


Your pinned tweet is one of the best ways to hook someone who’s considering following you. It is the very first thing they will read when they first find your account. I have a few that I cycle through. Of course, I’ll put up new stuff every so often, but I also keep a “moment” full of my pinned tweets. This makes it easy for you to cycle through your most effective pinned tweets.


In this chapter you’ll find

·       What to Include in Your Thread

·       Examples of Effective Thread Titles

·       What to Do When Your Pinned Tweet is Ineffective


8. Be Engaged with the Community


There is a profoundly different experience between those who are voyeurs on Twitter and those who actively participate in the discussion. The power in engagement is huge and other people are doing this. If you aren’t making connections, you are missing out.


The average person consumes tweets and moves on like locusts. Those who benefit from Twitter are those who process the good tweets and figure out how they can benefit from them. Either they learn something new, they gain insight into living a healthier life or they learn how to profit off this advice.


My life really began to improve when I started writing. Why is this? Because life is much more fulfilling when you are creating more than you are consuming.


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9. Pictures Are Worth 1000 Words, Yet Still Less Than 280 Characters


How to stand out

Pictures grab your audience’s eyes and stand out among the plain words. Personally, I rather use words but try and tweet at least one picture a day. Why do I do this? Because it works. Tweets with images get 40% more engagement.


Don't overthink this. Sometimes the dumbest stuff will gain traction. If you can find ways to express yourself and your actions, people enjoy seeing the real you. If you are a fitness guru, post pics or videos of you walking the walk to back up what you say online. Showing proof lends enormous credibility.


10. Above all Else, Be Authentic


On earning respect

If you want to be respected, then you will have to be your true self. It will be difficult to maintain a person that is not natural, and people will see through it. So be sure to be honest and live the life you share. Be brave enough to share personal experiences. People like to remember that they are talking to a fellow human, not a bot.


And don’t worry about showing your flaws. People know you aren’t God and seeing you trip up and be honest about it will make you seem more human. This makes you more relatable. Also, this will build up a level of trust with your followers.


However, there is a difference between being less than perfect and being sloppy.


On one of my first live broadcasts on Twitter, I couldn’t get my phone to close down the video and it had me awkwardly laughing and cursing for about 30 seconds. I have seen others do this exact same thing. These things happen. Accept it and laugh when things inevitably go awry.


Be personal

Share your interests and viewpoints. You’re not running a fortune 500 company. It is normal and beneficial to show your true self. If you constantly preach self-improvement and healthy living, don’t be afraid to show the occasional cheat day.