The APA is NOT The Authoritative Voice on Manliness

"The main thrust of the subsequent research is that traditional masculinity—marked by stoicism, competitiveness, dominance and aggression—is, on the whole, harmful." Path to Manliness disagrees with what is clearly a biased attack on men everywhere.

"This vision of masculinity may summon up an image of a closemouthed cowboy, à la John Wayne."

I've always been fonder of the Ancient Spartan warriors myself, but apparently the APA has a very cartoonish image of what constitutes a man. Also, I find it stunning that they would condemn stoicism by name. Perhaps because of the recent revival of the ancient study. Stoicism has been a powerful part of my resurgence in my life. Great books like Ryan Holiday’s Daily Stoic and Marcus Aurelious’s The Meditations have truly transformed my life in the most amazing way.

Young men are beginning to push back against this feminized society that the APA seeks to shove down our traditional throats. Men are realizing that to be content with oneself, and to not concern ourselves with the troubles that are outside our control has been liberating. Perhaps this is the crux of the issue. That without anxiety and worry, young men are spending less time in mindless consumption and this upset certain elements of Western Society.

Certain elements pushing a "feminized society" under the faux guise of virtue signaling but truly catering to the advertisers and corporate interests.

You can read the 30 page “report” here

The APA has released a list of guidelines for “Practice with Men and Boys.” Which is a horrendous title that sounds like some Hollywood fantasy about an inappropriate relationship. Second off, the most harmful thing about masculinity is the perversion of this definition found in the APA’s article.

"What is gender in the 2010s?” asks Ryon McDermott, PhD, a psychologist at the University of South Alabama who also helped draft the men’s guidelines. “It’s no longer just this male-female binary.” This is the agenda that they want to push. They seem intent on telling a lie over and over again until it has become the truth.

In the 60s we landed on the moon. Now we are struggling to figure out gender.

"Retirement can force a reckoning, he says. And failing to cope with the transition can leave older men vulnerable to depression." In my ebook that I give out to my subscribers, I discuss the importance of pursuing your purpose and in being persistent in life. I understand how many men are struggling today and they feel lost. It is paramount that they find their mission in life if they are to avoid thoughts of suicide and depression.

The APA brings up interesting points that I agree with here, though they don't expand at all on the thought. Fear not for I have taken the liberty to do so as I am focused on helping young men find their purpose in life whereas the APA is intent on pursuing identity politics and pushing a perverse agenda.

Clearly men need purpose in their lives.

I constantly am harping about finding your mission. There is a reason for this message. If you have purpose in your life, or a mission, then you are fulfilled. This leads to less depression. Less suicidal thoughts. Make no mistake. Lives are at stake here.

"Mental health professionals must also understand how power, privilege and sexism work both by conferring benefits to men and by trapping them in narrow roles."

What are the odds that "Toxic Masculinity" becomes a diagnosed mental illness as a tool to change the culture? After all, this very notion has already occurred in Massachusetts where they are in the process of targeting gun owners who are deemed as “high risk.” Expect many jilted ex-wives to abuse this power in their quest for petty vengeance in divorce cases.

The fact is that society has attacked masculinity in all male oriented areas of modern life.

Video games have been decimated by gamergate
#MAGA is corrupted with Thots who aim to target a wealthy niche for merchandise and “modeling” all under the guise of Conservative rhetoric.
Boys Scouts are being driven to bankruptcy by forced integration with girls, yet girl scouts are left alone.

Women have outlets to be alone with women: Girl Scouts, Curves and more.

Men need places where they can be men. We used to retreat to lodges, video games, boy scouts and all these places are attacked for sexual discrimination. In the near future, expect the rise of male only spaces. They may not be officially sanctioned, but men are quite efficient at problem solving. This is necessary for a healthy society.

Where are men allowed to be men?

Modern society needs an all-male gym. A “Judgment free zone.”

Men need constructive outlets to be masculine and to not have to worry about someone being upset about manufactured issues such as 'toxic masculinity.'

Men need to start putting their foot down and calling bullshit on the perversion of modern society.

Dancing classes with your baby? Fuck that. Dance at home if you must.
Happy wife happy life? Fuck that. Tell your boy to grow a pair!
Acceptance of porn into society? Fuck that. Reclaim your honor!

Quit being so scared that your girl will leave you because you have a bit of assertiveness.

The family court system is complicit with this as well. They have built a system where the women can take a third of your assets in "NO FAULT DIVORCE."

Then the state gets a third.

Alimoney is socialism. Prove me wrong.

If women are equal to men, then why do men suffer so much in divorce? Why do women need money if they are equal?

Because it’s a push for equality of outcome, not equal opportunity.

This paints an obvious picture of a society that is attacking manliness in all avenues of life.

No wonder so many young men are checking out of society.
MGTOW. PUA. Video game addiction. Not getting married. Not getting jobs.

Men are frustrated with a system that depends on them while simultaneously attacking them.

There is nothing wrong with traditional masculinity.

When the barbarians are at the gate, suddenly masculinity is no longer toxic