What Is The Path to Manliness?

Who am I? I go by Path To Manliness online, but you can call me Ryan Felman. I am a connoisseur of life. I am a published author, I'm a fitness junkie, and a resource for young men who are looking for guidance. My life changed when I survived a brutal divorce and I have found myself on the Path To Manliness. My typical days involve running, pumping iron at the gym and writing. In one year, I ran my first 5K, ran my first Spartan Race, started this website and…

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I am here to help men become the very best versions of themselves. Through my journeys I have learned to appreciate the finer things in life while not be consumed by materialism or mindless entertainment. I reject the mediocre world of binge drinking and binge watching in favor of a life of creation.

Modern culture and society are attacking manliness at its core. The destruction of the nuclear family has led to many fatherless homes and that means that an entire generation of men need help in this life. Follow me on your very own journey to reclaim your manhood.

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Society has attacked manliness in nearly all venues of life. Now we have a society filled with confused men who don't know what it means to be men. We have broken the nuclear family and caused a generation to be raised without a positive male role model in the house.

If you listen to everyone's advice, don't be surprised if you end up just like everyone else. They'll tell you to go to school, and do what you're told and one day, if you're lucky you'll be able to slave away making your boss rich. Fuck that!

Take control of your own life and make something of yourself. Get your ass in shape and build up your confidence. Buy the fast sports car. Write that book. Start your website. Don't let anyone hold you back with their self doubt and disbelief. That is why they are average.

Gentlemen, it is time to Reclaim Your Manhood!

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