The Decline of the American Empire

By Ryan Felman


“Individuals trapped in a dying culture live in a twilight world. They embrace death through infertility, concupiscence, and war. A dog will crawl into a hole to die. The members of sick cultures do not do anything quite so dramatic, but they cease to have children, dull their senses with alcohol and drugs, become despondent, and too frequently do away with themselves. Or they may make war on the perceived source of their humiliation.” – David Goldman “Spengler”

An excerpt from “The Fifth Horseman of the Apocalypse.” Asia Times Online

Society is systematically attacking boys, men and masculinity in general. In less than ten words, I’ve either won you over to my beliefs, or pissed you off. if you are the latter, feel free to use your hamster logic to prove me wrong. Please. I want you to, because I know how shallow and false the typical argument goes. I likely won’t even have to respond. The fact is that men are under attack and it is having an impact on society. This is especially true for men who have a terrible father, or maybe don’t have a father at all. Finding a positive role model is a challenge when women attack masculinity despite being attracted to it. At least women entered the workforce so now we have two parents who pursue a materialist lifestyle at the expense of quality time with the youth of America. Modern women would rather make money so they can buy more nonsense than spend time with their children.

Welcome to the decline of the American Empire.

This problem is not inherent to only men, but I have seen the effects of this on the men in my life. Being a man, I feel more comfortable speaking about this as it applies to men, and I see a society that routinely will assault masculinity while defending femininity. The world should ignore gender and focus on quality, regardless of where it comes from. Yet today, we live in a world where a system has attacked men and their masculinity. Through pop culture, cultural reinforcement and advertising campaigns, there is a constant assault on masculinity all so the corporations can create better marketing targets. They know that to sell a product, you really sell an emotion, and women are better customers by and large, than men.

Enter the soyboy, or numale. Whatever you want to call him, don’t call him masculine or even a man. Honestly boy feels a bit generous, but I’m not going to trip myself up on the semantics. This is the weak man who instead of following a masculine example set forth by his father or brother or whoever, has chosen to let Hollywood, television and magazines tell him how to be a good man. He likely is offended by the word man, and chooses to define himself as a good person. He smiles like Pac Man about to eat everything that’s processed and values his taste in clothing more than his physical fitness. I remember listening to Adam Corollas audiobook “In 50 Years We’ll All Be Chicks.” I also remember not being able to talk to anyone about it, because it was either preposterous, not funny or offensive. This was 6 or 7 years ago and the world was tame compared to today.


What concerned me though was how all male spaces were systematically being attacked. Video games were one of the first with the entire Gamergate scandal which is actually doing men a favor, if they left the space. There are simply better ways to spend your time. That being said, if you think gamergate was just one little dramatic issue, you haven’t looked deep enough. Gamergate was actually a coordinated assault into a male space so that corporate interests and political interests could better reach young people and indoctrinate them into their own belief system. This transcends political ideology as it is an attempt to manipulate the minds of children.

The NFL has also taken a beating over the last few years as it has grown increasingly political and the growing CTE concussion scandal has potential to be a death sentence for the sport. I played football in high school and loved to watch football as I grew up. That being said, I watch significantly less football than I used to and I’m prepared to see the sport die as the CTE is likely in 99% of players, a fact that can remain hidden only for so long.

The gym is another one, and few people seem to speak out about it, aside from the occasional dig at Planet Fitness. Fuck their lunk alarm and their pizza. They simultaneously reward gluttony in hopes of addicting their clientele as they mock those who are achieving excellence by pushing themselves to the limit.

I know many of my followers are Christian, and I don’t want to offend anyone here, but church has been co-opted by women. You can love God and have your faith, and I do keep a Bible in my truck. But I can’t stand the state of modern church. It panders to women, bails them out as they party and have fun through their twenties. It is no surprise, that many of these used up woman will leave Sodom and Gomorrah as they hit the wall and migrate to God. At least He will put up with their bullshit, right?

As for men? Church reminds me of school, where it clearly favors women. You sit still and listen to some old guy preach about the sins you’re committing and how you need to live a life fitting of a man from 2,000 years ago. I just can’t seem to find many preachers who feel relevant in today’s day and age. I know there are some out there, but this is just another venue where men would be better off meeting among each other when they feel fit. That being said, it is a good set of values to raise a family by and I only wish to see church balance itself so that men and boys don’t feel like turning away from it, because they don’t feel conviction.

So, we have seen, in a very short time frame, an assault on video games, the gym, church in addition to the constant attack on masculinity in Hollywood, fashion and television. There are really no places left where men can be men. To create a man only place would be attacked as sexist, despite all the female places such as Curves.

The rise of MGTOW and the Red Pill is in direct response to men being backed into a corner.

I have a friend who refuses to talk to girls at work alone. He will always bring another person in there with him, to have a witness in the event that some psycho creates a false allegation of harassment. Superman himself said he fears the #MeToo movement and can you blame him? Part of the problem is modern women drink alcohol to such an extent that they can’t control themselves and they later regret their actions. Sometimes weeks or even years later. It is mind boggling trying to figure out a woman’s rationale for these false rape allegations that get thrown at innocent men, and it equally hurts women who truly have been attacked.

The inequities and lack of honor in the court system are being wielded by feminists to blindingly lash out at all men for the perceived injustices some women have dealt with by a few men. Men today have to be careful of who they spend time with, even if they don’t have sex. Just being alone with the wrong woman can have drastic consequences. While going through my divorce my ex tried to claim that I hit her and that I was abusive. Neither of which were true and she later said so. The only reason she made up the claim was to get more money.

When women claim that there is a patriarchy in place, I have to hold my tongue when I think of the inequities that men face every day. The family court system rarely will award custody to the man, and almost never gives alimony or child support to the man. The whole system is just an excuse to siphon money off productive people and give it to lazy and entitle women. Men work the most dangerous jobs and the longest hours, yet you seldom here men complain, nor do women pursue jobs as farmers, lumberjacks or welders.

The reason that there is a crisis of masculinity in this country is obvious. The reason why young men are struggling with suicide and living a decent life is because we have built a society that simultaneously depends on men while constantly bashing them for who they are. Masculinity is “toxic” and needs to be cured, until there is a war that needs fought or an emergency such as natural disasters or the Thai cave rescue. The traditional roles of man and women have worked for centuries but our civilization has grown so soft and comfortable, that women and men have forgotten how we achieved such great accomplishments in the first place.  

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Suicide is epidemic among Amazon tribes. The London Telegraph reported on November 19, 2000,  “The largest tribe of Amazonian Indians, the 27,000-strong Guarani, are being devastated by a wave of suicides among their children, triggered by their coming into contact with the modern world. Once unheard of among Amazonian Indians, suicide is ravaging the Guarani, who live in the southwest of Brazil, an area that now has one of the highest suicide rates in the world. More than 280 Guarani have taken their own lives in the past 10 years, including 26 children under the age of 14 who have poisoned or hanged themselves. Alcoholism has become widespread, as has the desire to own radios, television sets and denim jeans, bringing an awareness of their poverty. Community structures and family unity have broken down and sacred rituals come to a halt.”