Reconnecting With God

By: Ryan Felman


Garrett Dailey (@Libera_Rex) posited that perhaps we are God. Read this thread before finishing my thoughts. Garrett claims that after an incomprehensible amount of time spent smashing planets and watching supernovas, God found himself tired of all the majestic astronomical splendor. God was bored for he is eternal and no matter how majestic, how splendid, how enormous our reality, even a being with omniscience and infinite power grew tired of it all. 


So, He broke himself down into several separate beings of consciousness to individually and simultaneously experience the world in a more personal manner. 


Upon hearing this, I had an epiphany....


What if He’s done this before but to lesser degrees? Perhaps in ancient times, God broke himself down into gods....

Is it possible that at the time of Ancient Greece, God became Zeus, Aphrodite, Ares and maybe even Achilles? Or Ajax?

Is it possible that at the time of ancient Scandinavia, God splintered into Odin, Thor, Loki and Freya?


Perhaps all different tellings of religion across time are merely the same being splintering Himself into different forms. A sobering thought. One that should begin to bring us together. 


Now we can’t even begin to comprehend God.... or, given this latest revelation, can we? United we stand, divided we fall. A saying that is reiterated throughout the ages. Perhaps it is a subtle clue. A hint to our lineage and godliness. If we are together, the pieces of God, when we ponder these thoughts together we ought to be able to comprehend God or at the very least bits and pieces. 


Perhaps this is what gives power to group meditation or even the simple idea of working together as a group. There certainly is power in numbers.

We all long for human connection and love among each other. This theory of us all being pieces of one immortal being brings a new perspective to this idea. We long to become whole again. 

Marriage is the unity of two souls. Another clue to the God theory? The idea that two become one is powerful imagery of love and dedication. But it is common, and few consider pushing the idea further. Those who experience divorce may push against the idea. 


As we bicker and argue among ourselves, the truth is that we are arguing with our self, seeing as we are one singular being. Imagine how preposterous it is to see talking heads in the media argue... this concept changes your perspective on everything and I recognize that I’m barely scratching the surface, but this is a heavy topic that one does not simple conquer in one take. 


If nothing else, it should make you appreciate your fellow man a bit more. Love thy neighbor. 

Fore if this is true, every one of us has something to offer this world. In my travels, that sentiment rings true. 

Prophets... Cultists... Kanye....

Maybe they have simply reached an enlightened state that others have yet to experience. They are more accepting and in tune with this godliness. It is popular to make fun of these people for they do stick out with their uniqueness and their philosophy that feels lofty and incomprehensible to many.


Many celebrities seem to enter a similar state later in their career. Think Russell Brand and Jim Carey. Think Terrence McKenna. 

There is powerful occult wisdom dispersed throughout much of Jim Carey’s later works. The Truman Show has Jim Carey as the True Man searching for meaning in a fake world being directed by Christoff. I’m not ashamed to admit that his movie Yes Man had a profound impact on my life. While many looked at the film as another little Hollywood Romantic Comedy, for me it was a pivotal moment in my life.

Upon hearing the concept of “Saying yes to life,” I took it to heart. I began saying yes when I wanted to say no. I was that guy who would love to stay home, sit on the couch and veg out. I gamed too much and missed out on so many life experiences.

Then I started to say yes, and positivity entered my life. I jumped off a literal cliff into a lake. I went on spontaneous road trips when friends asked. I took risks and helped friends when they needed help. You see, when you say no to these things, you have no clue the type of experiences you are saying no to. By saying yes, I’ve met great people in my life including a girl from India that I dated for 2 fun-filled years. I met a man from South Africa who become a good friend. I met a lawyer who quit his job to become an actor. Life is amazing, and everyone has a story to tell.

“We are all one. We are all together. Every individual’s rights need to be respected. We are all connected. We need a spiritual revolution; not a political one. We are experiencing a change in consciousness. We can’t define ourselves by other external factors. Find yourself internally. Your relationship with a higher entity. Think of yourselves as manifestation of a higher frequency.” – Russell Brand



Alas there is another side to this coin. A darkness that looms over the brilliant light. Jung refers to it as the shadow. The darkness inside of man. If we are God, we are the Devil. Beware the capacity for evil that is within you. “There is evil in this world.” – @LogoCentifuge



What does this all mean?

We are already complete. What matters now is simply acknowledging this truth.

I’m consciousness that is taking the form of a human being.

“A wave is not in the ocean; it is the ocean. We’re not waves; we’re the ocean.”


If you want the answer to life’s ultimate question, I believe that answer lies in this line of thinking. If God broke himself apart to experience all of life’s little moments, its beauty and its horror, then we are simply meant to enjoy the ride.

Embrace the consciousness that is you, accept your fellow men and women as an extension of yourself and love your life. This life is meant to be experienced. This life is meant to be love. This life is meant to be.


“The effect you have on others, is the most valuable currency there is.” – Jim Carrey

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