Why I Created the Path to Manliness Blog

Every day I see society bashing men. I grew tired of standing by and doing nothing. I refuse to let the media and “manliness” magazines define masculinity. Which is why I write posts like the 7 Pillars of Masculinity. This is why I wrote the handbook for men who are lost. I am here to help men live more fulfilling lives by finding their mission.

So how do men find more fulfilling lives in today’s decadent age?

Well you likely have noticed that Playboy has died with the death of Hugh Hefner and yes the articles actually were worth reading at one point. Rolling Stone is a shell of it’s former self. GQ wants you to wear makeup. And Esquire wants you to buy as much shit as possible so you can be the ultra metro man.

There is a wide open void in the world of masculinity and self-improvement.

The modern man is frustrated with modern society and has no role models. They try to fit in by being consumers and corporate monkeys. “It is only after we’ve lost everything, that we are free to do anything.” Men are providers by nature, and modern society has robbed us of our purpose.

A generation of men raised by women is a disaster for modern men. And women too, but the effects are not immediately seen so they don't always notice. This does create the perfect army of consumers and corporations have a lot to gain from a feminized society.

The modern man has become fat and lazy. He is addicted to gaming and mindless consumption. He worships doctors, while ignoring his nutrition and exercise. He loves THOTs online but fears social interaction. Reclaim your manhood!

The Revolution of Modern Masculinity

The reason that there is a crisis of masculinity in this country is obvious. The reason why young men are struggling with suicide and living a decent life is because we have built a society that simultaneously depends on men while constantly bashing them for who they are.

I say we reclaim masculinity. In a society that wants to cut your balls off and will condition you to behave, you need to Reclaim Your Manhood!

  • First and foremost, you need to take control of your health and maintain habits that promote fitness. Everything in your life stems from you health. Gaining 5 pounds every year is the path to obesity and an early grave.

  • Find your tribe that will support you in your mission. You need a network of men that will keep you active, motivated and healthy. Do you want to meet up with your friends at the bar every weekend or at the trail to train for races?

  • Start writing every day. Surprised at this suggestion? Writing is more masculine than you think. The greatest Emperor of Rome, Marcus Aurelius would write every day. His work in The Meditations is the Bible of Stoicism. His wisdom is timeless.

  • Create a list of goals. Do you feel rudderless in your life? Do you have any direction? This is why you write. To gain a sense of order in the chaos of your life. Create a vision for the perfect life. Write down a list of goals you want to achieve and work towards making your dreams a reality.

  • Read books daily. In the land of distraction, the man of focus is King. Start reading non-fiction and you will become a modern day superhero. Few men read books and they are the secret to becoming wise, well-informed and the most interesting man in the world.

  • Be ruthless with your diet. Look at the men around you. They sit on the couch every weekend and pound beers. They eat junk food, processed food and rarely workout. If you seek to have the body of a Greek God, stick to a Paleo diet. Eat food that Fred Flintstone would eat and watch your physique improve.

  • Turn off the video games. They are making you fat and uninteresting. They also give you a false sense of achievement. Quit role playing like a child and seek out adventure in the real world. Go hiking and explore this beautiful world. Start writing that book you talk about. Learn to work on muscle cars. Or even build your own personal brand!

  • Challenge yourself. With dedication, sacrifice and persistent effort, you will be amazed with what you can do in a year’s time. Do not let fear paralyze you from achieving greatness. Believe in yourself and smash through all obstacles.

Welcome to the Path to Manliness Blog!

This is where men reclaim their lives. It is here where we remind each other how to be men. To learn how to be gentlemen. To reclaim our manhood! The blog posts will help you become the man you were born to be. To learn how to attack your life with fiery passion. To learn skills that every man should know. And to remember that we should be proud to be men. If you are reading this, then you too are on the Path to Manliness!

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