Reclaim Your Manhood With Jack Donovan


“Men cannot be men - much less good or heroic men - unless their actions have meaningful consequences to people they truly care about.” - Jack Donovan


Men grow frustrated with life because biologically we are meant to be active. Society is sedentary and soft:

Sit in cars

Eat soy food

Sit in front of computer for 8 hours

Sit in car again

Sit on couch and watch shitty TV or play games

Get off your ass and watch your mood improve

Unfortunately, the modern world has been ruined by too much prosperity. Everything is too easy and men have allowed themselves to become dependents to think like dependents.” - Jack Donovan, A Sky Without Eagles

Men are often attacked solely for being men. The family court system favors women. Women have a judgement free gym, but men do not. Schools are being feminized. Active young boys are drugged into complying with this overly feminized school system. We dose our children with ritalin and SSRIs while simultaneously telling them drugs are bad, mkay with the D.A.R.E. program.

Boy scouts of America has let girls into the fold, but Girls scouts do not allow boys to join, and nor should they. Gamergate was a corporate takeover of the gaming industry. Bill Gates and Microsoft stands to make billions off the gamification of education. This is the true reason for the adoption of common core in America; not the benefit of the education of children.

“A man is tough and can take the punches this life gives. Failure is a learning opportunity on the way to a life of excellence. Show me a man that never fails, and I'll show you a man that never pushes the envelope.” - Ryan Felman, Reclaim Your Manhood

All is not lost though as there are still plenty of ways for men to reclaim their manhood, even in today's soft society.

Counter liberal indoctrination by spending as much time with your kids as possible. Be sure to teach them to think critically, even if this means disagreeing with your kids on certain aspects. It is essential that they learn to think on their own and not to blindly obey authority figures.

A man who is more concerned with being a good man than being good at being a man makes a very well-behaved slave.” - Jack Donovan, The Way of Men

Get them in physical activities where they can be competitive and active such as baseball or martial arts. I feel that every kid should take martial arts for at least a couple years as they will learn discipline, integrity and honor as well as learning to defend themselves.

In an age when masculinity is not necessary for survival, if a man wants to become better at being a man, it must be because he believes that being good at being a man is better.” - Jack Donovan, A More Complete Beast

Whatever you do, do not read the following books by Jack Donovan. Society does not want awakened men to gain truth and accept their primal nature.

Defining Masculinity

If you ask men what it means to be good at being a man, you’ll often get answers that start to sound like a set of minimum skill proficiencies in a job description. While the job description for men undeniably changes accoring to time, place and culture, the primal gang virtue that unifies them all is ‘being able to carry your own weight.’” - Jack Donovan, The Way of Men

The men that are most commonly looked up to are men who get the job done. There is a reason why men will look up to people who may be morally ambiguous or downright evil. The popularity of characters such as Tyler Durden and Tony Soprano show that men respect masculinity regardless of morality. At the end of the day, you know that they are men you can depend on to get the job done.

In a time when the world has become so soft, men will revel in portrayals of masculinity that show a harshness to the world. Look at the popularity of shows like Vikings and John Wick. In these shows the soft facade of society is stripped away to more base impulses. Men who show honor, courage and competition are the heroes.

Modern life is too simple if your goal is simply survival. For most, survival is rarely ever put into question. Yet, it is in the DNA of men to search for threats and to eliminate them for the good of the tribe. Many men feel lost or out of place in a society that values feminine qualities while lambasting so called “toxic masculinity.” Never mind the peaceful state of the world is merely an illusion where violence and evil are kept at bay through the implied use of violence and masculinity. Laws are merely a derivative of violence. The illusion of modern society is that it is in reality orderly barbarism.

Today’s warriors are merely memorialized as victims of war, so that they can be regarded sympathetically by a society in which victimhood is a marker of moral purity and victory is morally suspect.” - Jack Donovan, A More Complete Beast

Today’s society is kept in check with unrivaled order. Chaos is a distant memory for most in Western Civilization. The truth is that chaos is not extinct but imprisoned within localized regions of the world that few in Western Civilization even think about. Chaos still exists and always will. The grip of Order will merely control Chaos.

While few know the truth of war and evil, they will claim victimhood regardless. This faux sense of warrior is a relative chaos in a world that has become so soft, controlled and comfortable that they slightest offenses are given excessive value. When modern life is lacking a true enemy, it is inherent in the monkey brain of mankind to seek out an enemy, whether one exists or not. In the event that there is none to be found, an enemy will be created.

The ‘heroes’ and ‘warriors’ who have replaced the great men of history are ‘social justice warriors.’” - Jack Donovan, A More Complete Beast

What is my definition of masculinity?

I am often asked how to define masculinity or what virtues best encompass manliness. It is a difficult quality to quantify but men need guidance and more accurate rhetoric. I have detailed the Seven Pillars of Masculinity here.

Path To Manliness