10 Red Flags to Look Out for in Women

These are all from my experience with women. Mostly from one woman that I spent way too much time with. I felt bad for her and bought in to this psychopath's web. This can happen to you if you don't see the warning signs! Here on the Path to Manliness, I am offering advice in helping young men live fulfilling lives and here I will help you avoid many of the mistakes I made in my younger years.

1. Daddy issues / All men are jerks


An obvious one but there are plenty of men who will overlook this serious red flag. This is a sign of past issues. If all men are jerks, she's the issue. There are too many princesses out there who think their shit don't stink. They expect the perfect ideal mate but can't cook. But at least they have debt from their worthless liberal arts degree!

A poor role model in a father will lead to a woman not knowing what to look for in a man. She holds resentment towards all men because her initial experience with a man (her father) has tainted her perception. It can be hard for these women to get over past issues as she has been conditioned to think that all men are like the men in her past.


2. Obsessed with Social Media.

This is a big one! If she can't stop staring at her phone, she craves attention and validation. She likely has a huge following of losers who will feed her attention when her self-esteem is low.

She may also be using you to for housing or money while she searches for a better option. Men are comfortable being alone. Women crave validation & attention, so they struggle to be alone, even if it means they must settle temporarily. This is how sexless marriages happen. Understand that Disney and society has sold you a lie and that not all women are honest princesses. There are plenty of great women out there, but there are also manipulative snakes who will play with your emotions and your ego.

3. Messy car/ room = messy life

If she can't be bothered to keep her room or car clean, what makes you think she will be able to keep her life in order? This type of woman will bleed into your life with her messy habits. Both literally and figuratively. How a person, man or woman, treats their living environment is a sing of discipline and work ethic. It doesn’t have to be spotless, but this is a warning sign that she may have depression or other issues that prevent her from cleaning up who own space.

4. Guy friends

This is an obvious one, but young guys somehow overlook this all the time. The average male friends are too chickenshit to ask a girl out, so he is content to just be nearby. Most women know this, but they love the self-esteem boost from the attention.


If you get into a fight with your girl, be prepared for her to run to one of her guy friends. She will do this to get a reaction out of you and to make you jealous. Or she will go out to the clubs with them. Walk away from the relationship. This is a lack of respect and a man worth his salt will not tolerate this type of behavior. If you allow her to walk all over you at the beginning of the relationship, you will have no say once she locks you down in a marriage where she’ll be able to threaten divorce, 70% of which are initiated by women. They are economically incentivized to do so.  

5. "I don't like to talk about my past."

Alright, what the fuck does that mean?! Were you a stripper? Prostitute? Slut in college? Drug addict? You'd be amazed at what some girls will hide from you and they will see nothing wrong with it. They will rationalize their behavior with comments like, "I was a different person then."

Disassociation from reality is a sign of a psychopath. Stay away. I fucked up big time on this one. Never again. If they are uncomfortable with their past, be weary of the future. Past results are indicative of future occurrences.

6. Drugs  

STAY AWAY from junkies! A little pot and booze is no big deal. Moderation is fine. But if she was into hardcore stuff or had a habitual habit, this is 100% a deal breaker every single time. No arguments. No exceptions. Block her number and move on with your life.

It is insane what a junkie will do, and you do not want to be a part of it at all. In my experience this is a lifelong problem for many and the odds of finding someone who doesn’t relapse is not great. This goes for pharmaceuticals too. Many women out there are addicted to legal drugs or are chemically unbalanced, so they are heavily medicated on legal drugs. They will make you think you're psycho.

7. Excessive cleavage and skin (ass seems to be more popular lately)

Social media has bred the most decadent and immoral generation of women that have walked the face of the Earth. 99% of you all are not fucking models. You belong in Hustler, but most aren't attractive enough.

Women who post slutty pics online are low value and emotionally broken people. If they have to flaunt skin to get attention, it is likely indicative of having nothing else to offer. Narcissism is not a hobby.

8. Shopaholic  

Shopping is not a hobby It is a waste of time and practiced by a materialist and shallow person. People who shop all the time have too much time on their hands and no purpose in their life. Obviously, these women will drain you of funds. Too many men today buy into the lie of society that men are supposed to provide everything for women, while women are also supposed to be equal. You can’t eat your cake and have it too.

9. Lying  

This includes little white lies (so much for white privilege). People who lie are hiding skeletons in their closet. Don't let curiosity get the best of you. Block and move on with your life. It is also a sign of a psychopath.

10. BPD - fuck your feelings

I dated two girls that were BPD. I didn't understand with the first one until years later. The second one hid it for a long time. This is hard to explain, but BPD is contagious. They will make you feel like you are the psycho person by turning their issues around on you. You will get into fights over petty issues and everything will be your fault. BPD women have a knack for conditioning men to alter their behavior. It will take time and effort to undo all of the damage.

The difference between a BiPolar Disorder and psychopathy is a very thin line. They are chemically unbalanced, and the mood swings will be all over the place. It is like living with multiple women who look identical. You will never know who you are talking to.

Here's a free one: SHE HATES TRUMP!

If she disagrees with him or doesn't like him, that is fine. Don't overthink it. But if she bases her identity on resisting or whatever bullshit SJW nonsense, block and move on. These people are mentally unhinged and detached from reality.

She may hate Trump on paper, but she loves alpha guys like him. These women are mostly fat, ugly and unhappy with their lives, so they attack people with success. They despise people who are successful because it is a reflection on their own unworthy lives.

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