The Best Subscription Box for Men

By Ryan Felman


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Are you a man who appreciates unique quality items but hates to go shopping. Maybe you simply have better things to do with your time. I can relate to that, which is why I get a Box of Awesome shipped straight to my door. Unless I don’t want this month’s box, since they give you a preview before it ships giving you the option to skip that particular box.

What is the Box of Awesome? Bespoke Post is a men's lifestyle company that has been sending out unique curated boxes for years. I have been a subscriber for about 5 years now. This box is perfect for the young man who wants high quality products but doesn't have the time to research where to find interesting items all for $45 a box.

This company has introduced me to several neat products starting with the first box where I received my first Opinel knife. If you don't have one of these yet, grab the Frontier box as it comes with a nice notebook, fountain pen and the opinel knife and a bottle opener. I carry these whenever I'm around people who are skittish around knives since they have a classy look as opposed to tacticool. The fountain pen is a fun way to class up your day. I used to use whatever cheap and free pen I could find, but after noticing the difference in quality, I only use well made pens.

This is the only subscription box service that I use. Why do I like it? Well most importantly, it allows you to see the contents of the box before it ships. If you don't like the upcoming box, you can skip it for the month. Also Bespoke Post finds very interesting products that I would rarely find on my own. One box I received came with a pair of leather sandals and a couple other items. At the time, I would buy cheap $10 sandals that would barely last the summer. This pair has survived 3 summers now and looks much nicer than the cheap stuff your frat brothers are sporting. Definitely worth the small investment of $45.

The variety of these boxes is amazing, and if you are disappointed in the current month's boxes, you can opt for one of the many previous boxes instead. Each box has a theme and can jump-start you on a new hobby, like brewing Kombucha or smoking a pipe. Or it could just provide you with great products that you didn't realize you needed, like a great leather dopp kit or an upgrade to a canvas weekender bag. You're too old to lug around that old nylon Adidas bag that you've had since taking it on sleepovers as a kid. Box of awesome is great for upgrading your old and beat up products for more stylish and well made items that are sure to be conversation starters.

I still am using many of these boxes several years later. My gym bag came in a Box of Awesome. I have a small hatchet that came from a box of awesome, which I'm embarrassed to say was delivered to a downtown penthouse, but it was cool and I didn't have a hatchet. Now that I live in the mountains, it is much more useful. My heavy slate cutting board came from a box of awesome. My steel gunmetal wallet came from a Box of Awesome. My leather sandals, my butcher blade, my straight razor... the list goes on longer than I can remember.

Awesome Brass Pen

This quality pen has been a perfect companion to my EDC and has stood up well to the abuse I've thrown at it.

They also have a shop where you can buy other products at any time that you want. These ship free if you add them to your monthly box. This is where I get my beard shampoo and conditioner and if you haven't seen it, my beard is glorious. Right now, I have a couple of classy decks of playing cards in my cart and will likely be grabbing the Whiskey Barrel Aged Coffee with those.

Most subscription boxes hide their products and just ship whatever junk they can't sell to unwitting subscribers, but this box avoids that pitfall. By allowing you to see before it ships, you know what you are getting. These boxes are in high demand as past boxes will be for sale to those who missed the box, but many of these sell out fast. I have tried a few different subscription services but most of them are a waste of money. Box of Awesome is the only service I use and I love it since I can cancel the boxes that don't appeal to me. So give it a shot and let me know what you think.

Click Here to Get Your Own Box of Awesome from Bespoke Post!



Full disclosure: if you click on that link and subscribe, I will get a small credit to my account. I am doing this of my own volition however, as I have enjoyed the box of awesome for years.

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