Holidays are Ruining Your Progress in Life

By Ryan Felman


If you use the excuse that its a holiday to pig out on burgers, pies and beers every time we get off work for some goofy old holiday, you'll keep yourself in the trap of mediocrity. This advice needs to be heard as I have grown tired of watching the cattle circle the Wal-Mart feedlot, I mean parking lot, as they search for the closest parking space to the rascal depot.

How many times do you have a great month where you begin to get in shape and drop a few pounds, only to gain them back because you wanted an extra burger with your ten beers? Or did you get that piece of pie after you already engorged yourself on turkey, ham, mashed potatoes and other holiday crap, only to set back all your progress of the week before. So for 29 days you eat skinless chicken breasts and veggies so that you can get an extra slice of butterscotch pie? This is what leads to #DadBod or fat guys with self deprecating humor.


Holidays are nearly constant in this modern world of ours. If you use them as an excuse to overindulge in your base instincts, you'll never be able to outrun the damage you do to yourself on these special days. You wake up hungover on New Years so you don't exercise that day. Then you go out for a fancy dinner and wine on Valentines day in February. March, you drink too much green beers. Memorial day slows you down with it memorial day cookout. On the Fourth of July we basically do the exact same thing but we add fireworks cause this nation is awesome. Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas are the knock out punch at the end of the year where average people will just give up so they can eat holiday treats and big ole turkeys. Then we make a resolution to do better the next year. This is a cycle of madness that leads to a life of mediocrity.

Society will try to hold you back as you start your path to excellence. You know what I am talking about. When it is a holiday, and your aunt starts nudging you to go ahead and get a piece of cake. This aunt of course will be significantly overweight. Never take diet advice from fat people; it is like taking financial advice from a homeless guy. Be stubborn and stick to your discipline. In the long run it will pay off and who wants to end up like your fat aunt or her equally fat and miserable husband.

As I grow older, I've noticed obesity become accepted and even normal. This is like watching a slow motion zombie apocalypse. I feel for these people. When I am ten pounds overweight, I feel like shit. Strive for a better life. Eat clean. Eat real food. Get active. Get off the couch. Challenge yourself to go our and live a more meaningful life. Sign up for a 5K and train for it. Even if you can't run the whole thing. Get a time down, and work towards beating your own time. I promise it will be more fulfilling to get a new personal record than to eat another sleeve of Oreos or six pack of beers.