Reclaim Your Manhood


The world does not want you to be a fulfilled masculine man. Statistically men make for worse consumers than women and thus the economy benefits from the feminization of men.

Unfortunately money rules the world and most people are slaves to the almighty dollar. If it can't make money, then why would it take traction for the masses? That is why consumption is shoved down your throat instead of creation. Why overindulgence is popular while spiritual, mental and physical growth is avoided. These are tougher to commercialize and sell. Even worse, if you reach a high enough level spiritually, mentally and physically, you'll no longer lust after anything outside of yourself.

The truth is, to be a man, you don't need to buy some product or other material bullshit. What the modern world doesn't want you to know is that a happy and fulfilled man doesn't need to buy into the lies of materialism. It is more effective to be a stoic man who favors minimalism. True quality is not bought in a store. Men don't need a Rolex watch or designer shoes. Quality comes from our accomplishments, not our purchases.

We will expand on these in the coming posts, but here is a simple outline for being a man in today's world.

Be authentic

Be courageous

Have honor

Be self reliant

Be disciplined

Be creative

Show Hospitality


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