How Will You Spend Your Last 3 Months of 2018?

By Ryan Felman


This is the point of the year where many people began to either panic or reflect on their progress from the year thus far. Leaves are turning colors now. Football is talk of the water cooler. Pumpkin spice is unavoidable at this point. It is certainly feeling like Fall. Today is October 1 so you are officially 3/4s through the year.

2018 has flown by so quickly, and soon, we will be making another round of resolutions. Did you make resolutions earlier this year? How are they going? Are you happy with your progress this year? Have you made improvements, or did you simply wish for a better life and going about your year as business as usual.

Use these last three months to make meaningful change in your life by taking action.

The year isn’t over, so now is the perfect time to buckle down and knock out a few goals. Now last year Joe Rogan and his friends partook in “Sober October” where they didn’t drink alcohol for the month. They also did several sessions of hot yoga. Last year I took part in this, though I wouldn’t say I did the best job. I had a couple exceptions where I drank on 3 or 4 days and the last week, I pretty much gave up on it. Despite all that, it gave me a mentality of working towards self-improvement and likely sowed the seed that eventually grow into PTM. This year, I have proper motivation to stick with it. A purpose is more motivating that a simple goal.

Since early summer, I have been training for a Spartan Race with a few friends. So now it is crunch time and I plan on skipping alcohol to really finish strong and ensure I did everything I could to prepare for the race. I am working hard every day to make sure I will be proud of my effort and progress made this year. How will you look back on your year? This new year’s will you look back on 2018 with pride or disappointment on your progress that you made?

A lot can happen in a month and you’ve got three left. Were you planning to shed a few pounds this year, but dropped the ball? In four month this year, I lost 4 pounds or more. A pound of week is a very realistic goal. And with 3 months left, you could be 12 pounds lighter by New Year’s. Sober October could be a huge help for dropping those few pounds too.

I also started a blog this year and have been pumping out content each month. One of my impromptu goals is to begin to pump out content a bit more consistently. You need to be setting goals for yourself throughout the year. Even NPCs set goals on New Year’s, but they rarely act on them and they hardly ever set goals later on in the year. This is your chance to continue working on your side project, or to start one if you haven’t yet. Get yourself a website, or a YouTube channel. If you don’t take what you learn and turn it into action, you’re just masturbating to self-improvement.

Now three months can be a blink of an eye or an eternity depending on how you choose to spend your time. Activities such as watching Youtube videos, Netflix, porn and video games are tremendous time wasters. Entire weekends are devoted to these activities by many young men and then they wallow in self-pity because they don’t have the life or girl they want. Now at the same time, there are other men who spend their weekends devoted to their mission. Weekends spent running, lifting weight, writing content, meeting real women and reading books.

The choice is yours, but for every minute you devote to time wasters, other people are using that time to improve their chances of living a successful and meaningful life.

Just get started and strive to be better than you were yesterday. If you do that every day for the next three months, you’ll be pleasantly surprised with the results by the Holidays. Stop going to fast food and eat real food. Knockout 10 pushups today. Go run a mile, or fuck it, and just go for a walk. I don’t know where you are at your current level but start somewhere and keep striving to beat your former self. If you need a more personal touch, feel free to contact me. I respond to anyone who is genuinely looking for help.

With football, pumpkin spice lattes, and cold weather, we are approaching peak soy where most men give up on losing weight for the summer. It’s too cold for soft men to run outside and cold weather makes it easier to hide those extra pounds. This is the perfect time to remain persistent and continue to crush your goals. Much of your competition will be grabbing pumpkin beers to root on athletes on the TV, while you can be outside cheering for yourself. If you want to watch an occasional game, I won’t harass you too much, but don’t tell me you don’t have time to exercise when you scarf down a dozen chicken wings and take 3 hours out of your day to get exercise cucked.

If you take one thing away from this piece, write down 3 goals that you will knock out this year. It is not a lot to ask to tackle 3 goals in 3 months. Write them down and post them online or put them someplace where you will see them. For me: I will get down to my high school weight by 2019 which means I need to lose about 7 more pounds. I will run 10 miles which will be a lifetime personal record for me; at the begging of 2018, I had never run a 5K, so this is solid progress. Finally, and perhaps toughest, I will have PTM double its monthly revenue.

All these goals are very achievable while still being challenging. It is important to push your limits but to avoid frustration, you need to ensure they are reachable.