How To Automate Your Twitter Account

If you are ready to go pro, then this is the guide to growing an engaged following.  Learn how to network  Learn how to reach influencers  Create passive income streams

If you are ready to go pro, then this is the guide to growing an engaged following.

Learn how to network

Learn how to reach influencers

Create passive income streams

Tools That Can Make Social Media Easier to Manage


The insider secret here is there are many effective tools to make managing your account simpler and more effective. This can be the key to consistent growth for your account.

The pros are writing new tweets constantly while simultaneously automating the promotion and monotonous tasks to help save some time. These are your options for automating your account:


This seems to be the most popular and for good reasons. It’s free. The app is convenient. And you can use it to stagger your threads out throughout the day rather than rapid fire them. This gives you better exposure throughout the day.

The problem with Buffer is it costs money to unlock the full potential and its pretty lackluster as a premium product. You’re only allowed to schedule 150 tweets, while other sites allow for more and offer better features. But I still recommend it for the ease of use with the app. This is particularly useful if you delete Twitter from your phone because you see it as a distraction.

This is a very obscure one, but I love it! It’s only $4 a month and lets you schedule tweets that will retweet at whatever interval you decide. For example, I use this to send out a link to my newsletter every single day. This saves me a ton of time. And you can use this to promote a book or product you sell. I have one specific tweet that will sell multiple copies every single time I tweet it, thus justifying the cost of the service.

Social Bee

This is the big leagues ladies and gentlemen. It took me a while to check this one out, but it’s now my favorite. I still write new tweets almost every day, but thanks to Social Bee, Path to Manliness is 100% automated. There are so many cool features that are useful, that I’m sure I’ll forget to mention a few.

·        Creates multiple categories such as Quotes, Promotional, Curated and more

·        Creates a repeating schedule for each category

·        Allows you to import tweet en masse and individually

·        Offers analytics to track your best tweets, your growth and more

·        Allows up to 5 profiles for $19.00 per month

·        Supports Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, Instagram and Pinterest

·        Pulls new blog posts from your website via RSS

These are some interesting tools that do fun and interesting stuff:

@unblock_list – Let’s you see what block lists you’re on.

@this_vid – Downloads videos for you to save.

@threadreaderapp – Will generate a more legible link to a thread.

Twitter Can Be A Powerful Tool for Creators or an Addictive Drug for Users


Attention is the currency of the future. Those who understand this truth have been positioning themselves for months, or even years. Having a brand offers you an edge in this fast-paced world, and Twitter is a powerful tool in utilizing your brand.

Brand management is powerful and most don’t realize its impact. Apple’s brand name alone is worth about $175 million. There is a reason why I chose a catchy name with “Path to Manliness.” It is significantly easier to remember than Ryan Felman. Lesson there.


In fact, when I look up the search metrics for people who find my book on Amazon, do you know what I discovered? Over half of them were searching for “Path to Manliness.” That’s powerful brand management.


Why do you want to grow your Twitter following? Well, I can speak for you, but here is what my large following has done for me:


·       Make hundreds of dollars through affiliate marketing every month

·       Grow a powerful email list

·       Send people to my website (about 50% come from Twitter)

·       Network with fascinating people

·       Gives me a purpose in helping people better themselves


If you don’t know who you truly are, this life will eat you up. Figure out your life’s purpose. FIND YOUR MISSION.


“My life really began to improve when I started writing.” – Ryan Felman

There is so much power in the habit of writing, but most people downplay this because they struggle to write. But I’m here to tell you that it’s not as difficult as you believe.


If you can tweet, you can write. If you can tweet a thread, you have the bare bones of a blog post or article. Your blog post, upon refining, could become a chapter in a book. Take your best blog posts and put them together in a cohesive flow and you have the makings of your first book. This is how my first book came to be.


You can write a page in a day, right? Imagine if you wrote a page a day every single day. In 10 days, you'd have a decent eBook written. You can become a writer if you are persistent. Small efforts done consistently produce big results.


It all started with the habit of writing, which is a very important chapter in my book, Reclaim Your Manhood. People will tell you that writing 500 words a day is tough, but they have no problem tweeting 500 words a day. Why is tweeting easier? Well they are bite sized pieces and your mind sees a tweet as a simpler task than proper writing.


Therein lies the problem and the solution. Writing feels too arduous, but tweeting doesn’t. Have you thought about this? How inextricably linked writing is to tweeting? Have you ever written something and second guessed a couple lines in your writing? I do it all the time. When this happens I usually will tweet out those lines and see what type of response I get. If it is getting good engagement, I keep it. If it is largely ignored, then I’ll rework it. Powerful instant feedback.


Writing is a challenging habit to maintain. Do you struggle with formulating the words and being motivated day in and day out? I struggled with this too, but Jose Rosado has formulated an epic book to guide you on being more efficient with your time: Unf*ck Your Learning. I didn’t realize what I was doing wrong until I read this book.


Another reason why Twitter can be a positive influence on your life is the relationships you can forge online. For example, I met Jose on Twitter and we have collaborated on some work together. Twitter may not be real life, but it sure can have effects on the real world.


Remember this number: 200, because if you get more followers than that, you are beating the average user.


 If you’re ready to grow your Twitter following, then check out this guide available here!