Adopt the Warrior's Mindset!


By Ryan Felman


Imagine that one day, someone is going to try to kill you. Now imagine that he’s not coming for one year. How would you spend your time during that year? Adopt the warrior’s mindset for your own path to manliness.

The ancient Spartans devoted their entire lives to becoming better warriors. Sparta’s entire civilization hinged on their ability to defend their homeland from foreign invaders. These men did what was necessary to ensure the survival of their way of life and today, we still talk about them for their action echo in eternity.

So how can you affect your odds to favor the outcome in this potential battle? How can you make yourself a better warrior? You must adopt the warrior’s mindset.

Train in martial arts

Why bother training in a martial art when you can just carry a gun? Because there will always be times when you don’t have your gun on you. The sad fact of reality is that our inalienable right is trampled upon at airports, government building, the entire state of Illinois and several other places. I guess Starbucks says they’re banned but who cares about that place with its sugar-filled soyshakes.

Also, what are you going to do when you run out of ammo? If you haven’t actually been in a firefight, it is amazing how fast the ammo can be expended. No matter how many times you hit dead center on a paper target, the experience is simply different when there are lives on the line and the target is shooting back.

Martial arts is a great piece that is missing in many lives of modern men. Here you can truly train yourself to become the warrior. It provides a brotherhood where you can exert your physical energy and meet other likeminded people. It is great for men and women.

In my experience, these places tend to have people who are focused on maintaining a healthy lifestyle and live productive lives. If you can maintain an athletic physique, then you are at least capable of being disciplined in other areas of your life. Now some in there will struggle but everyone is at different levels on their own Path to Manliness.

I remember when I first showed up to class. I did alright since I took classes as a kid, but I was rusty and a bit overweight. I have lost nearly 20 pounds since joining earlier this year. This is due to changes in diet and regular trips to the gym as well, but Martial Arts has been very helpful. Now after a few months, I am stronger, more flexible and better trained to defend myself no matter where I am. If you want to adopt the warrior mindset, this is the single most important way for you to do so.

Look in your gym or online and I’m sure your town will offer some form of martial arts. Find one with a knowledgeable instructor. Check the reviews or attend a couple classes. Most places let you do a free trial for a couple classes.

Also, if you have kids, this is the perfect way to teach them some self-defense skills and discipline. Martial Arts teaches form and technique in a fun but challenging manner that requires patience and dedication. The ranking system will motivate and reward your child for his or her efforts.

Learn to handle a firearm and legally carry one.

Now most people like to claim that they’ll never need a gun because they don’t live in a dangerous area. Yeah, I don’t either. Yet I had to draw my gun once and almost had to a second time. You never know what type of situation you may be thrust into and it is wise to be prepared.

What type of gun should you get? Get yourself a 9mm like a S&W M&P Shield or a Springfield XD. My first gun was a Springfield XDM in 9mm and though it looks big and intimidating, bigger guns handle the recoil better. 9mm is a perfect gun to start practicing with as the recoil is pretty low and the ammo is cheap. You could go get a 22, but that is a tiny bullet that is not going to be effective in a firefight. Although it is perfect for training since the ammo is so cheap. Also get yourself a 12 gauge shotgun by Mossberg or Remington for the home. Every self-reliant man (or woman if you found this site) should have these two types of guns at a minimum.

If you go to a gun range, they’ll help you learn how to safely shoot. Most of these places are happy to teach gun safety to newcomers and of course they welcome new customers. Or if you have a friend who is into guns, ask him to take you to the range. And once you have your new shiny firearm, be sure to get licensed so that you can carry and protect yourself, and your family.


Keep yourself in peak physical condition.

Now martial arts will help with this, but you’ll want to spend some time in your local gym pumping iron too.  There is simply no good argument for why a man should not be strong. A warrior is always prepared for the task at hand and being the strongest version of yourself is essential.

Personally, I hit the gym about 3 times a week and I do a solid 45 minutes of weights with a quick cardio warmup and cooldown. For cardio, I’ll alternate between jogging, springs, biking or rowing. Any of these are adequate for getting the heart rate up. When lifting, I rarely use machines. I opt for free weights which will help strengthen your stabilizer muscles. Machines are for isolation which has its purpose too. By the way, I bought this iron gym pull up bar for my home and it has helped me increase my strength. I used to struggle to do a pullup but now can hammer out several with great form. I even climbed a 15 foot rope for the first time in my life a month ago.


I also spend at least one day a week with pure cardio. I find a trail or just hit up downtown and go for a run. If you want a great spot, look for nearby college campuses. They tend to be set up to support pedestrian traffic and offer beautiful scenery. I’m talking about the green parks and old buildings you perverts! Plus, the youthful energy is always infectious and helps me hit peak performance.

This means eating right too. You need to stop eating processed junk and high carb diets. This will slow you down and make you struggle in the gym and on your runs. Since eating a more natural diet, I have seen my energy levels and performance spike. I tend to eat a high protein diet, lots of eggs and nuts, and a bunch of veggies. I also eat fruit so whatever you want to call it. It is pretty close to paleo, but not 100% strict adherence to it.

Bottom line: if you are not in athletic shape, then that should be goal number 1 for you. Put down the potato chips and stop drinking so much beer. If you can’t be disciplined enough to stay in shape, what makes you think that you will be disciplined in other areas of your life?

Adopt the warrior mindset and set out to conquer your life!

This is the follow up book to Reclaim Your Manhood. This book will go more in depth and teach you to live your life like a warrior!

This is the follow up book to Reclaim Your Manhood. This book will go more in depth and teach you to live your life like a warrior!