Weekly Recap 3/2 - 3/8 Where Did All the Good Blogs Go?


Hunter S. Thompson was asked to write a 250 word photo caption for a motorcycle race in Las Vegas when he turned in a 2,500 words to Sports Illustrated. It was rejected but later picked up. That piece became Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas.

Where Did All the Good Blogs Go?

Thomas J. Bevan would like to know

The amount of talented writers saying interesting things in a long form format seems to have fallen off a cliff.”

While true, one has to wonder why this is? Is it the artist or the consumer who is to blame? For in today’s day of tweeting and short attention spans, is there a place left for long form discussion?

In remembrance of a bygone era of multi page interviews in Rolling Stone, GQ and Playboy. Yes, people did read these for their articles because they used to be excellent, but the magazine has fallen hard. Let’s take a look at some great articles being posted today by writers in the parlance of our time.

So grab your bifocals, lite up a Turkish Royal and pour a cup of tea. Because we’re going back in time.

Narrative Warfare SEO:

Charging Up Words With Meaning

Narrative warfare is a war for words meanings and definitions. And this is where I wanted to get at with charging up words with meaning, because it is similar to ranking for a word in SEO.

SEO is for the plane of search engines, charging up words with meaning is for the plane of human language.

Nobody will kill another person for the definition of the word “bread”, right? They will for the definition of “democracy”, “communism”, “rape”, etc.

Story Wars by Logocentrifugal

There have been coordinated and patiently planned and ruthlessly executed attacks on the American way of life, and on the underpinnings of the western world in general.

In fact, the crafting of a narrative designed to gather attention and imprint itself upon the psyche of the populace is what gives a nation its identity. The stories that we tell ourselves shape how we view and behave in the world.

You only need ONE thing to make money online by Digital Alexander

These days, though. Sitting in front of a computer all day, ruining your eyes, your back, your posture. Getting fat, depressed, and useless. Then you come home, exhausted since you never got your body going all day.

Because what’s always expensible is your lifetime.

The most precious thing in your life. Your time. Is the thing you waste the most. Society demands it.

You’ve been told lies by society. And you need to reprogram yourself. It’s not easy, but worth it. Read on for more

“I Have Nothing to Hide” - by Zayd

Zayd has guest posted on Path to Manliness with his take on cybersecurity. A must read for anyone who has heard the phrase, “If you have nothing to hide, then you have nothing to fear.”

Privacy is a key aspect of your life and it always will be. We live in the twenty first century where technology is king. Most of the world is online, connecting, sharing their lives to the world.

On Leadership, Competence and Burden of Command by Garrett Dailey

Responsibility is the fundamental requirement for true masculinity to exist, but what constitutes the nature of responsibility?

If competence is a prerequisite, the ability to quickly and correctly read people is a hard requirement. I read in Robert Greene’s recently released (and highly recommended) book The Laws of Human Nature that a captain kept his crew alive while stranded during an arctic winter primarily because of his ability to observe and modulate the mental states of his crew to prevent panic.

Modern Society Makes You Lonely - by Path to Manliness

If you feel lonely or anxious in today’s digital world, you’re not alone. We have grown increasingly connected to the matrix and less connected to each other.

Many young people have grown disillusioned with the current path we were taught to pursue. We are taught that we need money, a nice house, a car, a diamond ring, a lot of friends and a well-respected job. But who taught you how to live a fulfilling life?

Is Stranger Things based on The Call of The Cthulu? Find out from the beautiful Spaniard

2 New Videos Have Been Added to Sovereign University!

I signed up for this right away. Why? Because I've worked with @joserosado and everything he touches turns to gold. Because the man has a brilliant mind and unmatched work ethic. And @AJA_Cortes has 19,000 email subscribers. And apparently the NYPost thinks he's Jesus