Weekly Recap 2/2 - 2/8


Chief Chuck has released his first book, which I have not read yet. However, Chuck is a stand up man who writes great emails. I’m sure this will be worth the low price of $5. Available here!

For the man with a little captain in him


“We’ve lost our collective sense of hope, and our culture no longer believes in the capacity of the individual to overcome their circumstances. The American Dream no longer appeals to Americans, because they’ve all convinced themselves (or have been convinced) that they’re not good enough, or insufficient, or sinful, or fallen, or some other variation of having internalized the misery of the failures spawned in generations past.”

3800 years old, roughly A story that tells of the great flood from the Bible and nearly all cultures It is a story as old as time, a man's quest for immortality.

This story is essentially the foundation of "The Hero's Journey." A formula common to many great films, such as

  • Star Wars

  • Lord of the Rings

  • The Matrix

  • The Lion King

  • Iron Man

  • Batman Begins

All thanks to The Epic of Gilgamesh. Check out King Leonidas’s take on this story.


Chance Lunceford is a man of action. A man who has written two books at the same time. Sleep and exercise be damned. A man is only as strong as his word, and Chance is a man of his words. Check out his books! You can find them here:

“This behaviour is universal: we all have masks, and origins of these masks — these identifiable patterns known as archetypes — go back millennia, you’ll see patterns emerging.”

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