Weekly Recap 2/16 - 2/22 Outrage Machine!


America… Never write a check when committing a crime

What a week. The outrage machine is in full motion this week and I gotta say, it’s become hilarious. Jussie Smollet, or viral Subway advertisement gone wrong? You tell me. (Don’t) Eat Fresh!

AJA Cortes riling up women by telling them to be attractive. Outrageous!

And Russian spies really are brainwashing the youth to change American culture.

Thank Odin we have outlets like Aion Media spreading the truth

Oh… and apparently our deer are wasting away.


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NSFW Warning on this next vid. Skip to 30 seconds to avoid the scandalous

This is a great video though and everyone needs to watch this. It’ll blow your mind.


In this special sailor edition of the AIonosphere, we have Chief Chuck stopping by. There will be Sailor Words!

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