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JRE The Pot Debate

Alex Berenson is a former reporter for The New York Times. His new book "Tell Your Children: The Truth About Marijuana, Mental Illness, and Violence" is available now via Amazon. Dr. Michael Hart is the founder and medical director of Readytogo clinic, a medical cannabis clinic in London, Ontario, Canada.

Interesting discussion, but personally this felt like the chad potsmoker vs the whiny bitch journalist. I’m not even a pothead, but this discussion felt out of balance. Still plenty of good discourse here.

“I have seen this across all internet platforms, it seems this is an obvious perception but one that must be stated. Kuzma's Law - The moderation and censorship of any platform will inevitably mirror the views of its owners and operators.”

- K @MagisterMrK

“"Politics is the art of promoting and protecting your own interests. Anyone who says they don't play politics is either lying, living isolated from others or dead." Real politics, not your Daily Telenovelas”

- King Atlas

Aionosphere with Andrew Tate!

“The human condition isn’t about being rich; it’s about being happy.” - Andrew Tate

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Garret Dailey, of Aion Media fame, has published another thought-provoking post in Fragmentation and Reconciliation: Branches in the Tree of Life

Everything you do is a decision

Being broke is a decision

Being fat is a decision

Being miserable is a decision

Being ignorant is a decision

Being dumped is also, believe it or not, a decision

Take ownership of EVERYTHING that happens to you

It is the only way of leveling up in life

“You're not here to make your first billion

You're not here to make your first million

You're not here to make your first $1000

You're not here to make your first $100

You're not here to make your first $10

You're not here to make your first $1

You're here to learn how to be free”

- Jose Rosado

The Five Pillars of the Ascendant Mind is available on Amazon!

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  • If you’re hiding from your responsibilities by filling your days with distractions and digital dopamine

  • If you struggle to make good decisions, or even decisions in general

  • If you want to change all that and rise to meet your potential

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The only person who is really watching you, is you. At the very least, do yourself a favor and make it entertaining. - @TinkeredThinker

Are you afraid of your shadow?

You should be!

Muahahaha! Enjoy your weekend!

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