Weekly Recap 1/5 - 1/12


You can see my initial thoughts on the clearly biased issue here.

Also be sure to click the link above for Jack Murphy’s excellent thread on the matter.

  • Noble Brown released his debut novel last month, and you should have already bought it!

I have been hooked on The White Arrow since I first cracked its elegant cover. This book does you a favor by starting out with excitement and doesn’t let up.

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“I don’t think alcohol added any benefits to my life.”

Hunter Drew and James P. Dowling are also doing a sobriety challenge in 2019.

It would seem that no booze is the cold showers of 2019.

  • Garrett Dailey released a new post on Existence

“The issue here is that there are subjective components of our perception that do cause us to perceive reality incorrectly. These are the components of our petty ego– our thoughts, beliefs, ideas, opinions, and feelings. More specifically, it’s our attachment to them that prevents us from seeing clearly.“


You have two options: Come to terms with your deficiency or admit you aren’t working hard enough.

Fascinating video by Steafan Fox: The collective unconscious, Jung, Nietzsche, Kekistan and many other interesting topics.

Do these archetypes have an intelligence of their own? “If the trickster god was controlling Kekistan… Who the fuck was controlling the Bible?”

“Two Worlds, One Twitter. A thread on how power works in Twitter, and an extrapolation for the real world. A TL:DR is at the end of the thread.”

We all had fun. We all Wang Chunned. Good times were had

  • Closing quote

“Anybody who makes an adjacency argument is like McCarthy, therefore they are McCarthy adjacent.”

- Johnathon Haidt on JRE#1221

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