Weekly Recap 1/26 - 2/1


Fury posted a guest post here on the nature of combat: Shield and Sword

  • What is Fury Philosophy? “I train with one thing on my mind, and one thing only. SURVIVAL. I hold several mantra’s in my head to always keep me in the fight, and never stray to far from this mindset, and to always ensure I ALWAYS. Always. Always come out on top.”

The Five Pillars of the Ascendent Mind

  • What do you get when THREE powerful minds come together to create the ultimate book? The first published book of Aion Media! The Media powerhouse that puts truth and wisdom above all else.

Deception Maxims of the CIA

  • This is true knowledge that you Machiavellian wannabes truly need to read. A thread on CIA deception maxims used by the CIA in the 80's. From the Deception Research Program staff of the Office of Research and Development of the CIA, 1981.

  • Maxim 1: Magruder’s Principle: the Exploitation of Preconceptions. It's easier to induce an opponent to maintain a pre-existing belief than to change it. Better to examine how an opponent’s existing beliefs can be turned to advantage than to attempt to alter these views.

James P. Dowling continues his series on Dante’s Inferno: Refusing to Self Improve will Doom you Forever ~ Dante's Inferno II

Chance Lunceford unpacks the taking the red pill in the Matrix

  • Gentlemen The movie didn't end when Neo took the #redpill He didn't instantly become the master of the code Mentors were required Strength training too Total restructuring of his mentality History lessons Combat training And a crucible Only then did he embody The One

Bill Masur lists 5 Things He Learned From His Grandfather

  1. Embrace your responsibility He never formally learned to read or write in school. Self taught and always found a way to provide for his family. He had 11 children and cared for all of them. He moved to the US and owned successful businesses without speaking English.

No Separation: Free Will and the Expanded Self

The latest article on Masterself: “The Hero arises, not as a lone figure, but as the necessary product of a society’s needs, the vehicle by which the demands of the age are given form and enacted. The Hindu concept of Avatars, forms assumed from time to time by the deities, can serve as a parallel in concept here.“

Don’t think, Be

  • Samuel Thews discusses meditation and mindfulness by sharing his thoughts on Stillness is the Way, a book by Barry Long

What gun should you carry while hiking?

  • Aaron Clarey, Captain Capitalism, shares his advice here

How You Are Fucking Up Your Life

  • My post based on the thread that was retweeted 100 times

What to Watch?

The Last Kingdom on Netflix

  • check this out if you need more beheadings, Vikings and an uncanny amount of the following words: humping, weaselshit, assling

Coming to Netflix today!

  • American Pie - If you young bucks haven’t seen this movie, well… you’ll never look at a pie the same way again.

  • Final Destination - There are No Accidents. No Coincidences. No Escapes. YOU CAN"T CHEAT DEATH.

  • Clerks - You know, there's a million fine looking women in the world, dude. But they don't all bring you lasagna at work. Most of 'em just cheat on you.

Oh yeah, I guess there’s some type of Football game or something…

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