The Very First Weekly Recap! 1/1 - 1/4


What is happening in the self-improvement/ intellectual dark web? This is a new series for Path to Manliness. Every week I will do a recap of some of the more interesting events occurring in the manosphere. What could that include? Interesting writing I find. New content that may be of interest. New accounts that are making waves. And funny shit I find on the timeline.

Powerful Tweets

“People leaving 2018 with negative ass posts like "2018 was the worst year ever" and "Fuck 2018". They don't realize they're bringing that same energy into 2019.”

- Ed Latimore

“Everyone has a political opinion. And thats fine. But for 99% of people, the easiest way to improve your life is to take all of that political energy. The time you spend discussing, tweeting, arguing etc. And simply focus it on yourself.”

- Tatespeech

He has a great post A Rough and Rant-y Tirade On Modern Journalism where he dissects the sad state of affairs that has become modern journalism. Fox News, Crypto, Wall Street. No one is safe and no punches are spared.

And yes, I picked up a copy myself and my ability to learn is considerably less f*cked. There are excellent memorization techniques and tips to make you more efficient in your studying and learning.

  • Benjamin George wrote a guest post here on PTM

5 Lessons Your Father Should Have Told You

In his debut solo video, Garrett can be seen talking about his vision of how Aion Media is going to save the world.

  • Thomas J. Bevan has created an email list and you need to get on it.

'Expecting greatness, I'm sick of the reclusive nerds who think they own writing.'

  • What to watch

Black Mirror: Bandersnatch is a new type of episode for Black Mirror. Like the choose your own adventure books of yore, you are given control (or are you) of what happens in this episode. And there are multiple endings to experience. In a day where our attention is hard to capture, this format may have legs.

“Pacman thinks he’s got free will but all he can do is consume. People think it’s a happy game, but it’s a fucking nightmare world, and it’s real and we live in it.”

Oh and for me?

I killed my first website, Helm of Awesome

On to bigger and better things. I honestly wasn’t using it for months, but I was letting sentimentality get the best of me. It will live on in the future book, collecting the most popular posts. And I have created a page here on PTM to add more content under that brand if I see fit.

And if you prefer a video format for your weekly recap, check out the Best of the Sphere hosted by yours truly, Ryan Felman

2019: The Year of the Pen

It’s going to be a powerful year! If you want to be a part of this DRAGON ENERGY, start writing!


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