20 Tips for the Young Playboy in the Modern World


Path To Dating Advice in the Modern World

By Ryan Felman


First things first, if you're a woman, don't read this advice. It's only going to piss you off. This is the main reason I hid (most of) this behind a paywall. Secondly, this advice will save you way more money than what you spent to get it. So, thank you for the support and you're welcome for saving your hard-earned bucks. Because let’s face it, I'm offering you a lot more value than you'll get from the average first date.

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This is not practical advice for LTRs or marriages. This caters to the young playboy who values youth and freedom. This is to help you not fuck up your twenties when you are having fun, playing the field and focusing on your livelihood. If this offends you be sure to email me at IDontCare@gmail.com


Also, at some point, most men outgrow a lot of this advice. Believe it or not, eventually most guys will settle down in one way or another and there is nothing wrong with that. So, if you're happily married or in a healthy LTR, I'm truly happy for you.


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1. Never date single mothers


7. Quit taking life so seriously. How old are you? Because you're likely younger than you think. Every year I seem to get more and more attractive. Women don't want men to figure that out. My income goes up. My strength goes up. My knowledge and wisdom goes up. I've gone from broke college student to corporate drone to writer and lifestyle coach. Men age well if they take care of themselves. Quit acting like there is this invisible deadline for you to meet the right girl. I still get college chicks to look at me doe eyed and casually initiate contact. Constantly.


19. The Heat Rule - Don't ever let anything into your life that you aren't ready to walk out on in 30 seconds flat.


If you are a young man on the Path to Manliness, this advice can make your 20s go much smoother. Take it from a man who lived to tell the tale.


Now I share a lot of free advice online though my Twitter account and this website, but anyone can read it. That means I have to refrain from telling some of my juicier stories and harsher advice. Hell, some of this stuff could very easily get me kicked off of Twitter. So if you want to walk among the desert of the real, be sure to become a Patreon. Think of it as my explicit and unfiltered content not suitable for public consumption. Seriously though, this is not for women. This is content specifically for men and only men who can handle the harshness of this life.

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In all sincerity, I appreciate everyone who reads my content and I hope you get value from my efforts. Thank you for following me.

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