Path to Manliness #2 - Chronicles of Nate

Nate Dean or Chronicles of Nate, is here to Empower YOU with financial weapons and learn to use leverage to achieve your financial goals. This is the stuff they never taught you in school. Nate and I discuss how most people are not thinking about banking or finance with the right mindset. He is hear to teach you and help you achieve financial stability. 

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Nate Dean is also a pastor and lives in Texas. He partners with childhood friend Brandon Goswick. Together they form a team that is hear to educate you and help you understand revolutionary financial concepts.

I sincerely enjoyed talking with Nate on our episode here and we offer a lot of valuable information. Nate has taught me a lot about finance and he is here to share his wisdom in life as well. I constantly talk about the need for positive male role models for young men today and Nate is an exemplary man to look up to. Thank you

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