Path to Manliness 1 - Reclaiming Masculinity

Every day I see society bashing men. I grew tired of standing by and doing nothing. I refuse to let the media and “manliness” magazines define masculinity. Which is why I write posts like the 7 Pillars of Masculinity. This is why I wrote the handbook for men who are lost. I am here to help men live more fulfilling lives by finding their mission.

This show will help you pursue your own mission. My name is Ryan Felman and I am the author of the book Reclaim Your Manhood.

Pop culture, cultural reinforcement and advertising campaigns, are a constant assault on masculinity all so the corporations can create better marketing targets. They know that to sell a product, you really sell an emotion, and women are better customers by and large, than men.

Masculinity is under attack. We see it all day on social media, the news, and in real life. Men don't get emotional though so you seldom hear anyone complain. Yet we are seeing men commit suicide at an alarming rate. This podcast is a refuge for men to be able to proud of being men.

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