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Every day I see society bashing men. I grew tired of standing by and doing nothing. I refuse to let the media and “manliness” magazines define masculinity.

Which is why I write posts like the 7 Pillars of Masculinity. This is why I wrote the handbook for men who are lost. I am here to help men live more fulfilling lives by finding their mission.

So how do men find more fulfilling lives in today’s decadent age?Well you likely have noticed that Playboy has died with the death of Hugh Hefner and yes the articles actually were worth reading at one point. Rolling Stone is a shell of it’s former self. GQ wants you to wear makeup. And Esquire wants you to buy as much shit as possible so you can be the ultra metro man.

There is a wide open void in the world of masculinity and self-improvement. The modern man is frustrated with modern society and has no role models. They try to fit in by being consumers and corporate monkeys. “It is only after we’ve lost everything, that we are free to do anything.” Men are providers by nature, and modern society has robbed us of our purpose. A generation of men raised by women is a disaster for modern men. And women too, but the effects are not immediately seen so they don't always notice.

This does create the perfect army of consumers and corporations have a lot to gain from a feminized society.The modern man has become fat and lazy. He is addicted to gaming and mindless consumption. He worships doctors, while ignoring his nutrition and exercise. He loves THOTs online but fears social interaction. Reclaim your manhood! This book is a collection of my writing from

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Reclaim your manhood is my debut book

It is never too late to change your life. What can you do today to improve yourself? Be persistent and militant with this change and you won't recognize yourself in one year's time. This book is your handbook for straightening out your life so that you can live a more fulfilling and ultimately enjoyable life.

This book will

  • Help you create your life mission

  • Understand red flags in women

  • Develop healthy habits

  • Gain self-confidence

  • Become a more interesting man

  • Live a life of excellence

Reclaim Your Manhood is the debut book of author Ryan Felman, creator of the Path to Manliness brand and website:

Ryan Felman is a man who like many other young men, struggled to find his life's mission. After struggling through the family court system and nearly losing everything in divorce, he bounced back with fury and determination to live life to the fullest. By documenting his rise, Felman has created a path for young men everywhere who are lost and need direction and guidance in life.

In less than a year, Ryan Felman went from hating running to running his first 5K and a Spartan Race. He created his own website and now has authored his first book.Challenge yourself by reading this book and implement its advice into your own life. I have 20 steps here for the modern man to make meaningful changes to his life as well as details about how to take these steps and put them into action.

Change your mindset. Change your lifE

You don't know how to Start Building Your Brand

You don't have start up money

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You are going in too many directions

So how do you start?

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I've made two brands. The first one was fraught with mistakes and stumbles.

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I'll show you the path to creating a powerful brand.

I have 5,000 Twitter followers and have experience in brand management.

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break free of your bondage

Do you find yourself frustrated with a mundane daily life?

Do you want more out of this life?

Are you ready to challenge yourself and pursue greatness?

How to Break Free of the Matrix. The short and sweet guide to help the young man find his mission in life.

If you seek more out of this life, then be sure to grab a copy of this ebook.

As a man, you are seeking masculinity in a feminized society. By leading a more mindful life, you will achieve a sense of purpose and direction few even contemplate.

Here you will find the answer to what each Matrix movie is asking of you.

This book will separate the free thinker from the mindless drone.

In it you will find the key to seeking your purpose in life.

Battle against rampant cynicism and follow your mission.

How you can gain a better appreciation for the world


There is a cycle of adulthood.

We all know it. You wake up and do the same thing every day but you want different results. If you want something new, you'll have to break out of that cycle. The overarching theme of this book is to break out of that cycle and become who you are meant to be.

You are meant for so much more than what you believe.

Not All Who Wander Are Lost

To remember who you are, you need to forget who they told you to be. You have a path and a purpose. Regardless of what anyone says, its time to find it.

You are the fabric and structure of existence itself...

The universe is a fireworks show to celebrate that existence IS.

This is the secret to life: To be completely engaged with what you are doing in the here and now.

You are destined for greatness. Live the life that you deserve.

This is the book that focuses on harmony with nature. On seeking balance in this world and finding inner peace.

We forget what really matters in life and this collection helps you remember where you belong.

This book focuses on living in the moment and reconnecting with your natural habitat.

Live light, travel light, spread the light, be the light.

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